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Default Safari 24V TD42T - blue smoke, stiff turbo?

Hi all,
My Safari's been unused for two years. Just starting to get her up and running again.
I have a problem with blue smoke over ~2K rpm...
Idles fine. starts 'hunting' at around 1800-2000 rpm. Can't hear the turbo... Loads of blue smoke..
Took the inlet pipe off the turbo, and whilst it turns reasonably, it's a little stiff in one position. Not major, and generally bearings are smooth with no play.
Is it possible to get some oil in there and free up that spindle a little? Or is this a re-build?

More info: Idles perfectly - no smoke. gradually increase revs and OK up to 1500-1800 rpm. after that it starts to shudder with loads of blue smoke. throttle opened further but won't increase revs, just loads of smoke.... happens the same when engine is cold or warm.

After reading all the threads on here, I'll check rocker cover breather for smoke/blockage. Perhaps it's stuck valve?? Will check.

Weird thing was when I first started it after being stood for a year it was fine. No blue smoke. Then starting it again the next day - voila! loads of smoke. Ho hum

Any other ideas, please advise.

'90 TD42 Safari 12V MT CRGY60 - Cyprus import
'93 TD42T Safari 24V AT WRGY60 with beer cooler - Jap import

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