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I would see this at least once a month on average in or shop. If the engine has not been started its as easy as draining fuel and refilling with correct fuel, prime and start. If it has been started and driven a short distance without stopping you need to drain fuel, blow lines replace filter, refill with good fuel, prime and it should be ok and have no long term problems. If they have been driven until bad noise/ engine stopping you need to be very lucky to have a common rail restart. I have seen 2.5 Mitsubishis and 3.0 Toyotas come back from this but sorry to say I am yet to seen a 2.5 or 3ltr Nissan survive after driving till the engine drops power and stops. We even replaced injectors, pump and rail in a YD25 last year that started and ran great for about 150klm then picked up a piston. Don't want to sound like a downer but as everyone is saying you will need a lot of luck for this not to cost you BIG$$
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