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Dave I'd suggest ring United Fuel Injection first thing Monday.

My missus did this in her CX-5 Mazda, also a CRD, and drove it home from local BP about 1.5kms away at a guess, it konked out in our street and she rolled it on to our lawn.

I rang Matt at UFI and had a sook, I got a mate with a tow truck to take it there and Matt rang me late the next arvo, it was running great and has been perfect ever since (prob about 18 months ago at a guess). I was eternally grateful and I know it's a totally different car but with some luck you, too, may have dodged a bullet.

If you need it towed to UFI (or anywhere else for that matter) try Dirk Van Geest on 0412 324 014, good luck with it I'm sure you have knots in your stomach at the moment, I have my fingers crossed for you...

(For the record I fill her car every time it gets anywhere near half a tank these days lol)

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