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Originally Posted by ferretz View Post
I think you are mistaken here. The offsets are tied to polluters paying a price for carbon, whether that be the flat tax for the first couple of years, or the price paid when it became a free market price.

Abbott removes both of these mechanisms totally, instead giving a welfare handout to polluters. As such, there is no income, no payments by the polluters and no offsets required (you cant pass on a cost you don't pay).

Rudd is right in this regard, why on earth would you shovel money to the polluters AND pay everyone else at the same time?
So both Abbott and Rudd plan on removing the Carbon Tax whilst retaining the subsidies, Rudd previously said Abbott cannot do it ever, now Rudd says he can do it. Neither have given enough detail how IMO. But both moving to an ETS.

So I ask, WHY can Rudd do it when Abbott can't? Why should we believe him anyway?

Where are the plans Mr Rudd? Where are the cuts Mr Rudd? Where is the money coming from Mr Rudd? Where is the return Mr Rudd? Where did the costing come from Mr Rudd? What are the considerations Mr Rudd? Abbott answers more of these Qs with detail in documentation than Rudd and his ALP has since the election date has been set.
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