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Originally Posted by ferretz View Post
Could you be any more wrong Ray?

Free market means you pay the market price. The price is determined according to the available carbon "credits" which are capped in total.

We have no control over the price - because its a free market and the cost per tonne depends on how well polluters are controlling their pollution. Thats, kinda, you know, the point of the free market aspect of it.

The money does not go to Europe - its just the actual cost of permits thats tied to their market.

Once again things exist in "Ray World" that have no basis in reality.
A free market means:

an economic system in which prices and wages are determined by unrestricted competition between businesses, without government regulation or fear of monopolies.
We will be locked into the European carbon pricing scheme run by the European Union (a monopolistic cabal run by scheming, self-interested, thieves). Not a world scheme, just a European one. You have to buy European carbon permits, from the European Union Emissions Trading System. Where does the money go and who controls the money? You live in fantasy land if you think that this isn't run by the biggest 'Dodgy Brothers' group ever devised.
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