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Originally Posted by marky_boi View Post
for the record I am not in the Aircraft Industry, I am a an IT engineer who used to race Pommy cars. I write alot of HOWTOs for others to follow in my line of work.. As I sort out all the little things, watch for more Howtos to come
Cant find the edit button for the original post. I did actually clean the head and seatbelt runners with wire but didn't add that as I thought the post may be too long ..

I need some help working on diesel motors, never worked them before. would love a first hand lesson on oil filter, fuel filter and bleeding techniques...I live in Ormeau QLD, if anyone is doing that please message me so I can get a lesson... Reading a haynes is NOT the same as watching/doing the work

I just knew there was an education in there somewhere. No spelling errors, good punctuation and sentence structure - well done!
Oddly though, I find nearly all computer instructions totally illogical, starting with the on/off button.
Top job though - I'm gunna have a crack at tightening the return spring.
P.S Nissan do a kit to rectify this. Needless to say, it doesn't work.
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