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Default General Information

General Technical Information

How to Build a Killer Cooling System An article from Pirate4x4.

GU Small Diff/LSD Syndrome. General information on differentials, model ratios and variances, also how to read your compliance plate to find what you have.

Creaky door hinges remedy (+pin fix) A few posts on hinge pin replacement and parts.

Ok RD28 Fans here it is...... (Turbo upgrade)

Preventing rear suspension mounts cracking. Cracked rear spring tower thoughts and solutions.

Average Kilometres On Your 2.8 GU.

4.8 Rough Idle Only When Cold. 4.8 information, long read good info.

5th Gear Failure GU

Towing in 5th Gear. Discussion on 5th gear failure with pre 2002 GU's (Nissan modified the box in 2002) which is quite common, particularly when used for towing, post #41 has some good pics that visually explain the reasons.

TD42t Air Filter Option. Discussion on TD42T air filter options

Rear Door Repair Step 1. A method of repairing spare wheel weight cracks in the large barn door.

Rear Barn Door "Crunch Noise" Fix. Fixing a barn door noise.

2 Stroke Oil in Your Diesel Fuel. This is the Methuselah of 2T threads, enter at your own peril .

Dash bubbles again after 18 months what did nissan say?? An ongoing saga

Death Wobbles Fixed! Several threads exist on wheel wobble but this one is valuable, the write up in the first post is worth checking when looking at symptoms.

Death Wobble Final Fix Poll. A poll on what fixed the dreaded Death Wobble, polls can only have 10 options so a Wheel Balance is not included as that is accepted as a starting point.

How a Nissan accessory cargo barrier is mounted (with pics). A helpful guide to mounting a cargo barrier.

ATF oil in 4.2TD manual transmission. Discussion on the use of Automatic Transmission Fluid in manual gear boxes.

Removing The Power Antenna. Handy info, especially if you have a lift and your antenna catches on your garage door and bends, Grrrr, don't you just hate that. EDIT: As it turned out mine could not be removed to cut the rope and it seems some early models could not be done this way.

Third Edition Australian Design Rules Just in case you want to check up on an ADR.

Trusted Parts Suppliers - Add your Recommendations. As the name suggest, a list of suppliers used by our regular members.

td42ti injectior pump? Zig Zags a bit but there is some good info on the pumps and their differences here.

Central locking fix. Fixing a broken drivers door central locking actuator.

Central locking issue sorted. Another for a replacement actuator.

Central locking / remote issues. another on a possible soldering solution.

GU decal list. Local fit/ Aussie market. Decal list with Nissan P#, handy...

3rd Child Restraint. 3rd child restraint option discussion.

Bribie Island Last W/E canaries. Contains some good info and advice, see post 28 for some regulation info.

Amps and Wire Gauge - 12V Circuit. Wire Gauge Charts for that perfect wiring job.

Tips and Techniques - Water Crossing. A good article on water crossings.

Water Tank Ideas for a GU.

Labelling Wiring Harness Ideas.

Video on tailshaft angles and vibration. See post #1.

GU Changing Brake Rotors Step by Step.

Update on seatbelts - fixing retraction problems. Method to clean and improve seatbelt return.

Rain Water Through Aircon A/C blower Passenger footwell. Fixing an 'apparent' windscreen leak.

Passenger side/barn door light switch puzzle. A trap anomaly in the wiring on the interior lighting.

Removing Heater Core.
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