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  • matt_e_b ·
    funny you say that Ive just lifted it back up tonight ! The department of transport were all over it when it was parked outside work one day and threatened to de-register it if I didn't lower it and change the panhards (as there adjustable ) to standard ones . The guy didn't know anything about how high it was or the proper names of the parts (he was calling panhard rods swaybars lol),he just saw it had green springs and gold superior panhards and he was told by someone to look for those and defect , so now everythings black under there , id suggest to do the same if you haven't already because there commin down hard on us now
    drtygq ·
    Thanks mate. Yeh pretty happy with how it turned out for DIY job. There's a few pics in my garage if you want to check em out.
    matthewperk ·
    Hey Mate, yes I ended up getting the Ironman 12000lb winch and love it. Hasn't let me down, still free-spools well after 4 months of hard use, with plenty of water and mud. Pulls hard. I only had to do a double line pull once when I was double diffed out on my 35s in deep mud, and even then it had no worries.
    matt_e_b ·
    Hi saw your panel damage , im a panelbeater on the the sunnycoast , not sure where you located tho ,if you on the coast let us know i can help if you need it .
    97EK1 ·
    It's a cheesy bar he no longer makes them they come up on eBay from time to time good luck finding one I want one of his rear bars to match
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