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  • Grahame ·
    Ha ha ha, it's taken me over a month to notice that I had a PM! I still lurk here a couple of times a week, mainly in the General section. Thinking I might get active on here again.
    bennoGU28 ·
    Cheers mate. Ive already rung that bloke. Its actually registered in NSW so Id have to change plates over and chit. Apparently there is some discrepancy with the engine numbers too... bit of a bunfight.

    Thanks heaps for the message tho.
    bloke83 ·
    Seems our bars are T13 Outback Steel. Bit easier to explain when Im on the phone.....such a dilemma HA. I discovered I didnt have to use the massive 100mb online catalogue to find that out :-S
    truckster ·
    it be a TJM bar, not sure what model though..
    wanted ARB but was a 3 mth wait at the time, TJM dude had one on display he wanted to sell cheap as it had been on display for 12mths, so went with it...
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