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  • Leftcoast ·
    Just wondering what size tires you are currently running with your 2" lift. I'm trying to get an overall height measurement for a Highroof Safari with 2" lift and 31" tires... ground to roof not including the roof rack. Wondering if I can fit one in underground parking... somewhere around the 6'8" mark. If you can measure yours I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
    Shilo ·
    G'day canuck. The message I just left in "rememberence day" thread was actualy directed at you. Good on ya.
    murrdawg02 ·
    Hey Canuck,
    I just bought a Nissan Safari, I am supposed to go pick it up from the docks on monday, but I have been advised the batteries are dead.
    What would be the best way to jump the 24v system?
    I know there is threads on this; I have read them myself, but now I can't find them, but I remember you writing in one thread that was really helpfull.
    SO if you could give me an answer that would be fantastic, a link back to a good jumpsarting thread would be great too.
    Thanks alot!
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