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  • cossy ·
    Hi geeyoutoo
    How much did your glow time cost and from were and would you set one up and post it to me or could i come up and pay you to help fit Iam at strathpine
    Thanks Gareth keep up the info it helps alot
    Killerwasp ·
    Hi Gyt, My name is Theo [Tvan] and live in Caboolture.I have asked for a friends request andwould like to ask you if you wouldnt mind walking me through the set up of most of the things you have already done to your Patrol in the prevention of self detonation.I have just recently purchased an 03 Nissan Patrol GU3 with no Modifications done ,which means I for piece of mind need to install a quandry of Mods to keep my Patrol running sweet. Hope to hear from you soon Theo..
    17psi ·
    hi mate, got my car booked in for the 27th of sept, ill get them to do a dyno run with standard ecu, then with dtronic, then with tuned dtronic to see the differancec. will flick you an msg with attached dyno pics. just did my converter lock up so can do the runs in 3 locked up or forth to get more accurate reflection of kw/nm. although im sure it will be low. 90rwkw will make me happy.
    datto gq ·
    Hey geyoutoo, can you tell me where to get the correct needle valve from. I am just starting my gu2 mods, have dawes on the way, provent in, egr blocked...cant work out where to get the needle valve from or details???cheers
    17psi ·
    hay bloke have read a few threads and found you have not found anyone that can tune your dtronic. there is a company in bris called cnj motor sports that had done them and still can that will be tuning my one in october when i head down that way. ill be getting a pre and post dyno chart to see the difference as well as final cost for tune.
    Peter V ·
    Hi Roscoe, I've managed to start an album with 3 photos of my Dawes set up. I've recently put in a high flow ARE I/C ; my set up is now here near those boost pressures and rpm.. At 2500rpm i'm at 2-3 psi at 450C towing my 2.4tonne caravan. When I really flog it (to reassure my boost is working) I can get to 10 psi. Something is not right as I was getting 6-7 psi at 2000 rpm.
    gq_wags ·
    g'day geeyoutoo i wont be able to make the meet down at cleveland as work is sending me away for 6 weeks. is there any chance i can transfer the money to your account and you post them cheers ??
    Juro ·
    Born & Bred on the Coast GU2, Tewantin & Buderim Primary and Burnside High in Nambour. Married a Coast girl too, who's old man has had a prawn trawler out of Mooloolaba for ever. My parents are there too on Buderim and has property all around the place including Duporth Ave. Realised early if I want to enjoy the coast, move away earn big bucks and retire early. Have a place on Douglas St. Mooloolaba we bought 15 years ago!!
    gq_wags ·
    Ill grab 2 mate... I got no prob with prices as its going to charity and your time getting them. Let me know cheers mTe
    gq_wags ·
    G'day mate,

    I was told your the man to see about the patrol4x4 stickers for s.e. qld meet down at cleveland. How much we looking at for the stickers mate ?
    seehuusen ·
    any gearbox work and I would be handing it over to the the guys at Sunstate Gearbox & Diff

    Rebuild of my MK 5-speed gearbox, including transfer (I think) was about $2200 plus parts... So not cheap, but definitely the best reputation on the coast :) I'd personally look into just buying a replacement box from the wreckers, they usually come with waranty as well (3 months or so)

    Hope that helps

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