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  • Phoenix ·
    Hi, I have posted a thread 24hrs ago in the Y62 section and its still not approved. I am aware that there maybe duplicate thread submission, Sorry for that.
    kcworks ·
    Hi yom someone has put a post in offroad division I did not ask or know the person and don't want and trouble so can you delete the post think it bar work chops or something ASAP cheers mate
    GeeJay ·
    Hi Yom,

    I gather you are the senior moderator around here. Just wondering what I have to do to be able to add a reply to a thread. Nothing I post seems to be added. just trying to pass on my woes with an overheating RD28T and find out if anyone in Sydney can point me to a Patrol diesel expert if there is such a thing.

    jackd ·
    Yom, would it be possible to have Catching for an Ale thread added as a sticky to the top of the General Discussion Page. is where folks could post if they were travelling and wanted to catch with other Trollers in that area. Your thoughts please.
    TJ's GU ·
    I thought there was a clean up of T and A Avitars. It seems they are back with a vengeance. My 9 year old son won't stop looking over my shoulder and my wife keeps dsaying "what are you looking at?"" Any chance it can be cleaned up? It's only a few who do it but it looks terrible.
    imbak ·
    Hi Yom. its Nethergate, Why exactly was i banned for life? Ive been through my recient posts which has been bugger all anyway, and havent said anything that would warrent an infraction let alone a life ban.
    tripping ·
    Hey Yom, I accidentally posted two threads the same and i'm new to all this and not sure how to delete the one i posted at 10:20. If you can help me out that would be great.
    4beeboy ·
    Hey Yom was wanting to put a new topic in Electrical that if someone is looking for a auto sparkie in Browns Plains Qld to give me call as i only do this on the weekends, will want to hear from you.
    Cheers Jase
    bondy007 ·
    hi there mate, basically im sending this msg in regards to the clutter on here, been trying to do some genuine research about lifts but sadly im gonna give up. nearly a whole day ive been on here but there is so much clutter im over it, i seen the part about cleaning up things and someone seriously needs to go through and get rid of post with one question no answers as its just clutter, i tried also to start a thread today yesterday with just simply pics of patrols so the difference in wheels and lifts could be veiwed and have noticed its been moved already to tech stuff/ suspension when really a proper gallery is what id like to see and now it will be lost in the clutter, sorry to sound like a winger but its just hard to compare stuff really anyways have a good one cheers
    5.11 ·
    Hi Yom, I have a table that I want to post but can't attach due to size. Who can I talk to about getting it added to my thread. I could e mail it as a word doc or excel file?

    89 GQ ·
    hey fag you still keen for ummm not scenic the other one.... the springs thats the ****er. this weekend? also im finally doing that landy course get to head out to cruiser next week and apparantly they do every track so hopefully i can lid one hehe
    89 GQ ·
    hey tom i posted a reply about how to plumb up some diff breathers(i was the one asking the question) anyway i cant seem to find the link, was wondering if you could find it or let me know if it has been deleted. just txt me what they replied

    love you long time
    Tuff Tonka ·
    Hiya Yom, hey I posted a thread called winch craddle in DIY mods and accessories earlier this evening. It seems that it has been erased or something like that as I can't find it anymore. Was wondering if you can help me out with this.
    Thanks Justin.
    jackd ·
    Yom, Regarding my email dated 31 May 2011,thanks for your help with fixing the title of my thread, is greatly appreciated. Hope you are able to make it to the Meet Up.


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