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  • GQ Marty ·
    G'day Mike.

    I've read and re-read the "silver top vs black top" thread as I am deciding whether to fit a turbo or not to my GQ.

    I rang a reputable turbo installer over here in Perth and he advised in not fitting one to my car because I told him it was a 95 model, black rocker cover and 305000kms.

    The car was actually built in Nov 94 and compliance plate of Mar 95.
    Vacc pump on back of alternator.
    Black rocker cover.

    After talking to him I remembered your "first choice, second best and last choice" thread.
    My car is in great condition, but down a little on power as most of them are. It's probably worth about $10k - $12k and I don't want to spend about $8k on injectors and pump and turbo install only to have it blow up!

    Do you think my motor is one of the stronger ones more suitable for fitting a turbo? Or perhaps you caould put me in touch with someone who may be able to help me?

    Your advice would be much appreciated.
    rosco1988 ·
    hi mate, i read in one of your threads you had a dts fitted to your patrol, i have since purchased the same kit diy, but the fitting instructions are some what ****, lol, was wondering did u fit the cooper washers between the oil line fittings to the turbo, same goes for coolant i think i saw some in there aswell, and is it easier to have the turbo bolted to the manifold before instalation also with the hoses nipped up to so its only a matter of nipping the ones to the block for oil and coolant only, so disapointed with the instructions considering the cost, and theres so many stud bolts to im like where do these go lol, any help pics would be great, ive worked out where the coolant hoses go so thats no drama just the rest like cooper wahser between what fittings, and the intake manifold where brakets go etc.
    TD42PIG ·
    gday mike sorry to bother you mate and bring up an old post of yours but i noticed you had your intake manifold plenum for sale a while back?? still got it? how much u chasing and y u sellin up?? cheerd for ur time bud. dave.
    MikeH ·
    The brake kit is available from Brake Fabricators WA. Prices for the basic 4 piston kit with 330mm rotors start from about $1900ish but you can option them up to quite a bit more with fancy pads and discs.... they need 16 inch rims to fit. there are quite a few custom made parts, its not as simple as changing the calipers.
    turbo42 ·
    Hi there I'm new to the forum I have a gq lwb and want to upgrade brakes going buy your photo you have 4 spot calipers are you able to shed some light on what there off ie skyline or Silvia and what mods were needed to fit them thanks heaps Jim.
    jezimp ·
    hey MikeH
    sorry im sending you this again in a PM, jsut trying to figure this out as quick as possible as my front end is in bits atm lol
    out of curiosity, when do you think of these measurement, the front shocks fully extended are 285mm of travel, as the car is on the flat it has roughy 95mm of compression, leaving 190 of droop. does that sound right to you. at the moment what im doing is putting in 30mm spacer taking it to 125mm compression and leaving 160 of droop. worth doing or should i just leave it the was it was? or only put like 10 or 20mm of spacer in? your thoughts would be greatly appreciated
    Loktndirty ·
    Hi Mike,

    I think I read somewhere on here you were running a Mitsi TD05 Turbo on your 4.2? Was that fitted by Matt at United Fuel or is it a DTS kit?

    I was just wondering cause I have a TD05 on my GU 4.2 from Matt and I know he has only fitted a few. Just wanted to know what sort of power and torque figures, boost and tyre size you were making? Mine going back in week after next to have the compressor wheel and housing upsized to see what we can get out of it. Currently I'm making 135kW and 415Nm at 18psi with 33's. I think Matt has changed his to what I'm upgrading to and he 185kW and 600Nm I think.

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