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  • Maddog1989 ·
    Hi mate, I saw on the parts forum you have a SD33 alternator, are these the same as sd33t alternator? If so I am keen to take it off your hands.
    I have a 86 mk turbo diesel wagon
    unstatelymanor ·
    theres a set of guards at the scrap metal yards near the caboolture show grounds with flares
    enviromenatal soultions i think their called
    im still interested in the engine that you have if you have still got them
    ozzysam ·
    Hi. I am looking for a rear tail gate, window, and spare tyre carrier for my beast, any chance that you have one?
    mick85pootrol ·
    hey mate, saw u have alot of mk gear. got any sd33's? injector pumps? diffs? if its going to the scrapper ill give u something for it before then!

    cheers mick.
    PDC ·
    Drop me a line - 0411 839794 - and I'll fetch you some beer over the weekend and remove that scrap steel you've got lying about ;)

    Do you have lots of other bits too? I'm missing a few things, we shall have to have a chat :)
    Gympietech ·
    Hey MAD-man, am interested in body panels for a MK SWB - what have you got? Complete body? I need something with minimal rust - Buster is rusty enough! Email me [email protected] . Thanks mate. BTW how is the leg?
    Bren82 ·
    Hey mate just got back into town just seeing what other Mq/Mk parts you have? And where you are situated in Brisbane.
    2manytoys ·
    could you box up the cluster and dash bits and post it to me ill pay for the postage and that bugger all of them in sa
    Me & Her ·
    for further refernce anyways.... they don't fit the same alternator from l28 to p40 but i found on closer insepction that the alternator is BRAND NEW but the reg is old as the car alt p/n lt140-53 and reg tl1z-61g and after charging the battery the voltmeter jumps and wobles at idle now so i think the reg is definatly my problem
    Dazza MQ ·
    Hi it Dazza MQ here just asking about any problems the Qld motor reg may of given u with your engine conversion on it inspection that i may have to look out for thank .
    marruss ·
    Just wondering how you got on with the motor?
    We are intending to have a few days camping down your way in Feb.
    If you still wanted to hook your trailer up to a 6.5 to see how it pulls
    let me know
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