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  • The Ute ·
    Hi Peter, Matt here just thinking about oil coolers and re routing the vac pump supply thru cooler and into vac pump. Using same size hose ect. Thoughts ?
    flashman1207 ·
    Hi, wonder if you could look at a pic for me. I understand there is a problem with the zd30 filter box where it just filters through the part that is exposed to the inlet and nowhere else (if you take the filter out you can see a black circle). Anyway would it be better if it had some sort of baffle in the inlet to divert the air 'around' the filter a bit? Please see my very rudimentary mockup using cardboard....

    appreciate your thoughts

    GUte ·
    Hi Peter,

    I have been getting threats detected by my security programs while viewing threads. Not sure if it's my end or yours but it is if I enter certain threads.
    92GQ ·
    hey mate, noticed a few posts while searching that you were trying out a gtx30 setup. Just wondering what your thoughts on it was and if it is a worth going with the bigger turbo over the gtx28's cheers
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