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  • Nath69 ·
    Hi patrol97

    I have been looking into economy for the auto zd30 and came upon a post of yours. Do you still achieve the economy you posted considering the hills we need to drive up and over on the Northern Beaches?

    I not long ago bought a diesel Ti Pathfinder auto for passenger comfort for the kids and better fuel economy over the old 2.8 GU. How wrong I was. Yes it is comfortable but it gets around 17lt/100km city cycle including driving from Cromer to Forestville for work. It seems to be a common issue with the auto and now I am looking into getting a Patrol again in the ST-L format with ZD30.


    jamfox ·
    Hi there, not sure yet, ive just changed my waterpump yesterday
    Although it wasnt leaking just squealing. Im still monitoring it although
    I priced an exchange head $1400. Its been losing coolant for a coupla months
    But its over a period of time.
    nbutler ·
    Gday, Head is coming off today. I am just about to post some piccies. Look for INSIDE THE ZD30.

    Have found the issue yet. If i dont PM you by late next week, remind me to tell.
    q8160 ·
    Glow plug part numbers -- CP-73 -- Bosch from Repco, HTK from SMS Diesel Spares and VSP on EBay.

    If you are a member of NRMA, Repco give a 10% discount.

    I have been using the VSP of EBay at $71.45 for 4 units... I guess they have some 500 starts on them. Service this week and will be pulling them just for the sake of inspection.

    Cheers Felix
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