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  • Ray! ·
    Sorry for not getting back to you earlier, I only log on to respond to PMs nowadays, so will miss any of these messages.

    Regarding OSM, yes I found out later that you can download and use OSM maps, I have it now with one of my freebie street navigation programs on my tablet (Navigator Free), should I need it, but I didn't find it as effective for off-road use as for street use. It's much the same as Google maps in this respect, as you need to zoom in very close to see tracks.

    The navigation thread is here:
    PeeTroll 1 ·
    Hi Ray,

    I read a post from you earlier in the year about Memory Map vs Ozi Explorer it was very long and detailed, I have searched everywhere for it. Was very helpful at the time and I was hoping to read over it again could you please point me in the right direction? Hope you know which post in after. Many thanks.
    PhysicalGraffiti ·
    Hey in part 3 of your navigation thread 9 you mention that Osm requires an internet connection. Its not true, you can download the whole of Australia at home in one 508MB file very easily. I use OsmAnd all the time and it never uses any data. Its got very good offroad detail too.

    Its probably the best navi thread getting around the internet so i figured we should keep it up to date.

    ZipNip ·
    Hi Ray,

    I am in the middle of trying to sort out a potential injector pump leak, but not sure if it has to do with the fuel relief valve. Could I please please ask that you ring me on 0422 582 585 as I am going to have to send the vehicle back to Nissan and I think I might have already discovered the problem but don't want to show my hand yet.

    I would be in your debt. Am more than happy to ring you if you want to give me your number, and will not give out to anyone or ring again unless have your authorization.

    Kind Regards, Joel
    Ray! ·
    The problem with the fuel only chips is that you're going to get smoke because the air/fuel ratio is too rich, you need to increase the amount of air via extra boost to compensate. Running rich is also going to elevate EGTs, which is not a good thing. I don't think you can attach photos in these messages.
    joy ·
    Hi Ray,

    this is what i got.
    from Nico - swiss guy with the black patrol.
    when standard and lever 4 has a lot of power and torque but smocks hard, when standard Map and level 1 has good torque less power and smocks only under loud...
    what do you think? do oyu know it? it is german/french but i'm concerned about the smocking...
    How can i attach a picture?

    Ray! ·
    I simply got the core replaced with an Adrad one, no welding, just put back on the way it came for $500 and it was fixed in an hour. Mine was leaking for several years before I decided to get it fixed. It never caused any real issues, just the whistling which was getting louder last year. It's possible to fix small leaks and, if you get a product called Rapid Fix, it might give you a long reprieve.
    ZipNip ·
    Hi Ray!, I have been meaing to ask, what did you end up doing with your intercooler? I read in one of your threads about not wanting to spend a fortune or change intercoolers so that the factory shroud didnt fit. So what did you end up going for? How long did your old one last between starting to leak and leaking like a kettle?
    Mine is leaking atm, only relatively small, leaking where the pipes go into the body in one corner, but its something I am going to have to address in the next 6 months for sure.
    Ray! ·
    It sounds like you do need to add a Dawes setup and maybe look at a MAF controller, as you're not getting any extra air for the added fuel going in. You also need to be mindful of EGTs, it sounds like they could be getting higher than desirable.

    I don't know anything really about the Dawes setup, but from what others have posted, the setup is the same as for the Di, but needs slightly different tweaking because the MAP controls boost as well. You might ask the question on the forum and I'm sure people will point you in the right direction.
    joy ·
    Hi Ray,

    bought the Master-tec chip (niko's recommendation, he markets them).

    Few problems...fuel consumption is the same or 5-10% lower only if i drive smooth and up to 110KMH...if not, it is the same **** as normal...
    The Master-tec chip, fits to OME injectors loom easy and clean. it controls rail pressure and injection timing. drives like a dream but under loud, smokes like a train (black smoke). when driving easy - goes like a dream and doesn't smoke, but when under more load then regular, smokes again. thinking of installing Dawes valve but only have the diagram of Di engine. do you know how it is done in a CRD ?
    what do you think can be done else wise?
    torque is wonderful, power is much better, Rev's do not fall easy in uphills as before..
    the chip has 4 maps, and 9 sensitivity setups. i drive the normal map and sensitivity 4, when went down to 2, it stops smoking but doesn't drive as good as i want...
    any ideas?

    Ray! ·
    This is the VicRoads link: Mobile phones & driving : VicRoads, and there's a further link half way down that describes the law on navigation devices etc.
    KGB ·
    Morning Ray,
    I've been looking for those regs you posted about the mobile phone/screen law changes in Victoria, a couple of weeks ago, but I can't find them. Could you point me in the right direction.
    Ray! ·
    The CRD has proven to be a safe and reliable engine, shaking off all the previous bugbears that affected the early Di engines, so I wouldn't be concerned about lack of reliability. The only issue that seems to afflict the CRD is variable fuel economy. I get simply excellent economy, even when towing, but others get woeful economy even when not towing and there's not enough feedback to understand the cause, or which models are mostly affected.

    My CRD tows our Cub Supamatic Off-road camper very well, but I also have a 3" exhaust and chip. These I'd recommend to anyone with a CRD, as it totally changes how it performs (for the better). I guess it depends on what sort of driving you plan to do long term and whether you consider the extra price worth it; $40,000 odd will buy a lot of fuel, as well as accessories and still leave money in your pocket. In a way, a LC200 is overkill for any van/camper that weight less than 2t in my view, but ideal when you start to go to heavy caravans etc.
    gogil1 ·
    Hi Ray. I've been a relatively long term forum member and have followed your posts with much interest and you come across as someone who appears a fair bit about these beasts.

    I have had a Y61 since 2002 (GU3) and have a good understanding of strengths and weaknesses. My dilemma is that I am ready to replace my GU with either a LC200 or another Y61. I am well aware that they cannot be compared.

    I can probably afford a LC200 but a new Y61 is still on the running. What I would like to know form some one really knows is this: Given that I am towing a relatively light (1200kg) camper, will the new(ish) version drag the trailer around any place in Oz without too many dramas. My old manual Di, even with Daws valve, exhaust and chip struggles on even small climbs. I know the CRD is better but can you suggest some must haves/mods to ensure reasonable performance and reliability.


    gogil1 is my forum name.
    Ray! ·
    The main thing is that it does what you want. My tablet never got great reviews, but I'm more than happy with it and would buy one again without hesitation (if they were available).
    foreverdiesel ·
    I bought the Acer Icona 8". After looking at both, reading reviews & speaking to people who have owned both I could think of no reason not to buy the Acer. Both look the goods, though the Acer came up trumps for value for money for what it has to offer. Now got to load stuff on it now & try it out (After it has fully charged). Thanks for your input mate.
    Ray! ·
    Both of those tablets a seem to get mixed reviews. I'd seriously try and physically look at both of them if you can. I know the Galaxy Tab 1 10" is a good unit, but I don't really know about those two.
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