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  • DAAAVO ·
    Gday roachie,
    Ive just been reading about your success in installing your ap60 cruise control system after initial teething problems with having led tail lights.
    I beleive I have struck the same obstacle, and was wondering if you could help me out by emailing the wiring diagram that you used to get around this.

    any help would be greatly appreciated!

    rams1nat ·
    Gday Rochie, mate I've been reading yours (as well as the other guys) posts on the forum in regards to the 6.5lt chev transplant. I'm looking at this due to yet another 3lt and was wanting to know a few years on if you are still a big believer in the 6.5lt. I have read that they have also had engine dramas with things like cracked pistons, bearing failure etc and was interested if you had hear any of these stories or was it the fact of a earlier type 6.5 that they have since modified to last longer. I've got a 2.5t caravan that I tour with at times but also like to shed the van while on trips and hit the tracks so was thinking that this engine would be a great option for me besides that rubble of the 8 brings a smile to ones face.. Any idea on fuel economy on the old girl??

    Thanks again and I hole to hear from you soon, Cheers Rams
    IPCH ·
    Hi Roachie; I will keep it brief as i dont want to waste your time.
    I have a 06 GU. tray top with a heavy slide on camper. I have a 2in. lift and constant iron man springs and shocks to suit. However i dont believe the shocks are up to the job and was wondering if you could advise me as to the best option, considering the weight you carry on your rig. Your opinion is ok. Thanks Ian
    SHANE 3.0 ·

    There is someone else that sent pm, if he wants them I'll understand, but my details are
    Shane Logan
    48 Thomas Mitchell road
    Killarney Vale nsw 2261.

    budda ·
    G'ay roachie we have never met but we have mutual frenids in pud&barb i bought there red 3lt we now own live qld they came up last oct and went to fraser with us,just thougth i would say g'ayand let you know how i am hope to talk in the future
    cheers budda/luke
    oondy ·
    Hey mate how you been?

    2" Coils are $185 pair.

    As for shocks, well it depends what you want, Dobinsons are $120 each, or I'm running Fox Remote res 10" travel shocks in the front of mine and they're worth every $$ IMO, they're $415 each though, I'm waiting on some shorter ones to suit 2-3" lifts to come in shortly too.


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