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  • dirty wheels ·
    G'day Sim,

    I know we talked about the convection cookers you make at the forum and I remember there's two sizes and two prices but I can't remember the details. Can you tell me again please mate and the lead time to get one too.

    Many thanks

    Leeroy#1 ·
    G'day Sim

    I'm chasing a couple of Patrol 4x4 polo's. What are they worth and how do i go about ordering them.

    Cheers Lee
    chuckles ·
    G'day sim pk mentioned you do the stickers as well? Not a huge fan of the new design including all the w's. Any prices would be great thanks mate
    VinceGU05 ·
    hi sim

    great!!! i bought a ctek 7000 yesterday.. but dad rarely drives his truck .. so more after a fix for him... will investigate the multipulse.
    VinceGU05 ·
    gday sim.
    was it you at the forum meet talking about either a battery charger or some additive to bring batteries from the dead back , or something to the like?
    chat soon
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