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  1. Diesel Mechanic or LV Mechanic... What would you do?

    General Discussion
    I'd love to work with electrics, but i'm pretty majorly colourblind.... although I have heard of colourblind fellas doing that job. Applied for the Police Force and got knocked back because of it. TF
  2. Diesel Mechanic or LV Mechanic... What would you do?

    General Discussion
    Appreciate your advice mate. i'll take that on board for sure. Is the 'mechanics industry' pretty well transferable? I.e as a Diesel Mechanic working on earth moving equipment will i have the necessary skills and knowledge to work on LV engines? From where I stand as an unqual'd fella with...
  3. Diesel Mechanic or LV Mechanic... What would you do?

    General Discussion
    Yeh this is exactly what I thought too. I don't really like the idea on workin on big earth moving equipment. who knows though I might love it. I wouldn't mind working on prime movers and trucks though. I tried to do a bit of research and it seemed as though the wages for a 'mature age'...
  4. Diesel Mechanic or LV Mechanic... What would you do?

    General Discussion
    So... I'm having a quarter life crisis and am in between jobs once again. I'm thinking about starting an automotive apprenticeship next year but I can't decide which area to go for. I'm more interested in working on cars and obviously 4x4's etc. So i'm leaning towards the Light Vehicle...
  5. Weaco fridge

    Auto Electrical
    You realise the danfoss compressor is a chinese compressor right? TF
  6. looking for a rental agreement advisor

    General Discussion
    You have a rental agreement for the accommodation provided to you as a part of your job? None of the Ag jobs i've had have ever had that :S . General basis is, if you don't have the job you don't have the house. Or is this a different situation? TF
  7. good sub for swb?

    General Patrol Discussion
    I reckon JL Audio and Kicker gear you can't go wrong in terms of good value for money and a wide range of products. TF
  8. Is this car worth it?

    Buying a Nissan Patrol
    I think it's a decent price and i wouldn't be too scared off by the kays. It looks like a country ute though so i bet it's been thrashed to hell and back! TF
  9. Best place to buy cheap Android tablet or WinCE GPS??

    General Discussion
    x2 for Nexus 7.... they're an awesome piece of technology. TF
  10. bendleby rangers, south australia

    Trips, Touring and Treks
    Yeh mate i've been there twice. It's a good place. I found it a little bit expensive to stay there but the managers are really nice so it's worth it! :) Some good tracks and good scenery around. Any truck can do just about all the tracks but there is a good mix and some ripper camping spots. TF
  11. Very impressed by android

    General Discussion
    Android devices will be even better once Jelly Bean is released in a couple of months.... And the feature to pre-download google maps is going to be a good feature for people who are travelling outside of phone reception. Not offroad but there are plenty of marked highways that are out of phone...
  12. An updated list of what people do for a crust

    General Discussion
    Stockman in North West Queensland. TF
  13. Pig Dogging

    General Discussion
    Piggin definately needs to happen, they're a bloody menace. I'm not a real fan of doing it with dogs though. I'd much rather rain rounds on em from a chopper if ya know what I mean ;) Quick fast and easy way to despatch mobs of em. TF
  14. Drive Cameras- brands/types

    General Patrol Discussion
    Go Pro times a million!! Literally you can't go wrong. Best action camera out there with good quality video and heaps of mounting options. TF
  15. my new mouse trap

    General Discussion
    I made one somewhat similar for a rat that I used to have in the house.... It worked overnight and I found out that there were actually 3 rats in the house. Lol TF