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  • nilezy ·
    At this stage, the rebuild is going to cost me around the $6,000 mark. I also have issues with my flywheel which a solid Exedy flywheel with cracks allover the flywheel. This was done by the previous owner at a shop in Stuart Park which i'm still trying to followup.

    So at this stage, I'm in a holding pattern until the motor work is done and the forged pistons are made as they are a custom order. Thanks for the offer of help and will let you know once i get all the pieces back in Darwin.

    nilezy ·
    Hi Trev,

    I have to I'm a Darwin local, grew up here and everytime I have had to deal with Kerry Nissan, they have been nothing but trouble for me.

    Currently, I've pulled the motor down myself as I have been building custom cars and rebuilt a few motors including diesels. I have found some very interesting things about the ZD30 which I will post in full once I have all the info, but basically Nissan did a poor job of designing the Di motor. I can't say the same for a CRD motor and I'm interested to get a whole blown motor to do some investigation on....

    Anyway, I have only just moved back to Darwin in the last 12 months and lived in Brisbane and Canada, so my original engine builder up here doesn't exist anymore, so I have freighted the motor to Brisbane to my engine builder down there and he will be doing the motor rebuild work with forged pistons.
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