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  • iac27 ·
    Hello, I heard you're a great resource for patrol parts in Canada. My Safari is coming along well as I drive it and learn more about the ins and outs. I currently have a front end rattle over bumps that sounds like the left side and a bit of steering wheel shimmy at higher speeds. I'm thinking Panhard bar bushings and I'm wondering if you have any bushings for sale or should I order them from Australia? I'm also thinking I should replace the body mounts sooner or later because the back creaks (would you have any of those). Thanks!
    c0mputerking ·
    you mentioned once that the reason my rig might be slipping out of 3rd has to do with some rubber piece somewhere in the shifter and yes my shifter is a bit loose i think wouldnt really know because is the only safari i have ever driven
    w-t-b ·
    Thank you for a visit. I had a look at your favorite cars. Anything is very splendid. I cooperate so that these can live in the health in far-off Canada.
    y60kuro and nakajinn is friend. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
    77gze ·
    Hi twinotter, i read on a post a few years ago that you have a manual with the breakdown of the LWB metal sunroof in it?
    Is there a chance i could get my hands on it, mine works but i want to restor all the sliders on it, the nylon is gone. if you could help it owuld be much appriciated.
    Thanks in advance
    northern safari ·
    okay, just to be sure on those parts, here is the chassis number for my truck:
    it's pretty much identical to the one you have posted for sale...
    Thanks again for all your help..!
    dbsep ·
    Ok as promised i have two cd ready for you.

    I got them from contact at factory.

    Cd 1 is from year x to 2001

    Cd2 is from year 2001 to 06-2011.

    Pm your address and they shall be in post to you by dhl and not local post as like before. I send you the tracking number. I have to post them by thursday as im leaving home yet again for africa.

    Regards dan
    Leftcoast ·
    Wow! Still not sure if it's working. Did you get my email that I sent? I got your PM fine, but it seems to stall out when I send my long reply and doesn't track my sent messages. User error I'm sure!
    Leftcoast ·
    Hey Paul,

    I've got a few specific questions for you but I can't seem to get the private message option to work. I'm a new member, in Vancouver.
    Zerny ·
    Hello Paul,
    Thanks for the warm welcome. Not only did I get a good deal on the Safari, but Juan is a good friend so I got access to a warm garage, a lift and someone who knows a hell of a lot more about how things work than I do! I believe that it is time to replace my glow plugs and was wondering if you have found a good source? I saw your post from 2008 but thought there was a good chance you had found other sources since.

    The Safari still starts with no problems at all but since the weather started cooling down (overnights around 0) I have noticed that it runs rough until it warms a little and if I give it a little gas I get a cloud of white smoke which I believe is unburnt fuel. After a couple of minutes (or less) it runs beautifully.

    While I have your attention, which oil filters are you running with (and where do you get them) and what type of fuel additive did you settle on (2 stroke oil or commercial product)?

    Thanks for your help,

    polar ·
    hello paul did you lose your otter job in libbya or other!you will be in the knife well thats good im in bad shape right now i had rotator cuff surgery last week and am doing nothing now waiting for rehab well i could drive my rig it is my rh shoulder are you going north or passin through talk to you later
    plehmann ·
    sorry paul, been head down getting my rig back together. the amps Im fairly sure are not working more confident about the fact that the pax amp is buggered and the drivers side one randomly seems to turn up the volume. I'll get the part numbers to you asap...I'm out at work tomrrow then off to 4x4 at lake tekapo until sunday. if i get a chance i'll send them to you.regards
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