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  • Dani3l ·
    Hi could u please remove the posts i put up today this is what i found in a tyre.
    I'm having Tribble adding photos due to my put internet connection
    Maddog1989 ·
    Hi mate, just about the alternator -
    So, I thought it would be simple to remove then I had a look at it and I cant see any drive belt adjusting bar? All I can see is that the belt goes around the alt pulley, fan pulley and the crankshaft pulley. So how do I loosen/tighten the belt? Also do you remove it from underneath the car or do you take out the a/c compressor and remove from the top?

    So about the brushes/diode pack, I went to repco showed them a picture of the brushes and diode pack from my manual, and they said I would need to remove both so they could get a part number to order them in. Is this your experience? I Thought they would be able to look up the model and find the part number for me - I have doubts that I will be able to see visible part numbers on the parts.
    RobertE ·
    Hey Paul! Remember me? Robert? I got parts for my patrol from you a while back..
    how are you going? I need to ask you some questions if you have time :)
    TJ's GU ·
    "did i school hike up dingo hill was very steep from memory," Did you happen to stay at Sambain Chalet as well?
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