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  1. 2" lift Y61 ironman vs dobinsons

    Suspension and Steering
    I am looking to get a 2" lift on my patrol. It is my everyday rig, but i take it offroad almost every single weekend. It has a front and rear steel bullbar, winch, and roof rack. what suspension kit do you recommend. It is between ironman and dobinsons due to budget and availability as i am not...
  2. 2 or 3 inch suspension lift recomendations - France

    Suspension and Steering
    Hi guys, I´m looking forward to upgrade my suspension setup on my 1999 Y61 Patrol 4.5L. It is my daily driver, but I also take it offroad every month. Once I upgrade the suspension I will put a steel bullbar, winch and I am also considering a rear bar with tire carrier. Now I just have a steel...
  3. Hi, I´m Carlos a TB45 owner

    Newbies Check in Forum, New Members Introduce Your
    I recently got my hands into a 1999 GRX Patrol TB45. I am new to 4x4, I come from Ecuador (South America) and we have a lot of mountains, mud, snow and rock climbing trails. I use my patrol as a daily driver but I also take it to the mountains in the weekends. I want to modify it for proper 4x4...
1-3 of 3 Results