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  1. GQ Diesel / 33s / 43% reduction??

    Nissan Patrol GQ/Y60 & Ford Maverick
    Hey Sim, I did search and read many of those threads. Lots of different opinions, 43 vs 83, etc. I am asking if there is anyone in Melbourne that actually has this setup.
  2. GQ Diesel / 33s / 43% reduction??

    Nissan Patrol GQ/Y60 & Ford Maverick
    Hi All, I have switched between toyotas and patrols many times. One thing I dont really like about the patrols is the low range reduction. I have read many of the posts on this forum and also the info on various web sites. I am thinking that if I go 43% it will bring it in line with an 80...
  3. Big Red

    Members Rides
    Hey mate, you got a well setup truck there! Where did you get the pillar pod from? How was it mounted to the pillar? I have been looking for one.
  4. (vic) yarra ranges

    Trips, Touring and Treks
    Sheepyard would be ace at this time of the year. Not many people around, etc.
  5. Possible production of Transfer Gears

    Engine & Drivetrain
    I'd be in for the 43%. Better 5th gear would also be awesome if possible.
  6. barmah national park ??

    Trips, Touring and Treks
    Barmah is very flat. It is a great place to camp and fish. However there is not much in the way of 4wding. Some of the smaller tracks into the river have the odd bog, but its not exactly 4wding.
  7. where to buy autometer gauges?

    General Patrol Discussion
    I bought my gauges from that guy/company in the US. Excellent service and an excellent price! He helped out alot via email to make sure I got exactly what i needed. I ended up buying better gauges than just the standard ones as the price was so good!! As you mention, you just need make sure...
  8. Crack across my windscreen

    General Patrol Discussion
    Yes I have replaced it as we are actually going to the HC very soon. It was just over 200 smackers. I was expecting quite a bit more after searching this forum....
  9. Are turbo upgrades road worthy?

    General Patrol Discussion
    I spoke with my mechanic yesterday and he advised that Vic Roads are very shortly going to bring in a raft of clarifications on modifications. One particular area is the power increase of vehicles. Anything above 20% will be considered excessive. I would imagine that this would be hard to...
  10. Crack across my windscreen

    General Patrol Discussion
    Dear Mr Hunt, Thanks for your constructive advice. Speaking of bored, perhaps you should consider socialising outside of the internet on a Saturday nights.
  11. Crack across my windscreen

    General Patrol Discussion
    Jumped in truck yesterday morning and noticed a large crack across the bottom of my windscreen. It is probably 30cm or a foot long. At first I thought it must be foul play. Upon a closer inspection there is a small chip at the bottom of the crack. Anyway, I googled it and found a post saying...
  12. Are turbo upgrades road worthy?

    General Patrol Discussion
    Hi All, I have a 4.2 TD GU and I am considering replacing the existing turbo and intercooler. So I rang an insurance company and asked if I could do it. They basically said yes, as long as it is road worthy. Would it be road worthy? What particular regulations would I need to consider...
  13. McKillops Bridge - Good Camping?

    Trips, Touring and Treks
    Hey Duke, it is great country up that way. I know the exact spot you took photo on the Cobberas track!!
  14. Tyres for Simpson Desert?

    Tyres & Wheels
    Hey BeasTi, The best advice I can give you is to make sure that the tyres are in as new condition. The brand of tyre almost becomes a personal preference. When we did our huge outback trip vehicles had a range of tyres from x-terrains, MTRs, STTs, etc. All tyres where in as new condition and we...
  15. McKillops Bridge - Good Camping?

    Trips, Touring and Treks
    GU Duke, The camping at McKillops Bridge is very ordinary. It is very hard to find flat ground, especially during a busy time. It has also been quite dusty. There are several considerably nicer spots just past McKillops Bridge heading towards Bonang. However these generally do not have any...
  16. Butchers Country track ?

    Trips, Touring and Treks
    We did it during ANZAC weekend. It was pouring! The bottom bit is steep, rocky and fun. It should be pretty easy in the dry. Obviously depends on driver and vehicle.. Overlander 4WD :: View topic - Anzac Day 2010 – Butcher Country Adventure.
  17. Garrett gt2860rs turbo upgrade

    DIY Modifications & Accessories
    How much boost are you guys running with the GT2860rs? I know there are several other factors, such as intercoolers, etc. I am just looking to get an understanding of the range.
  18. Track closures due to floods

    Trips, Touring and Treks
    Thanks for the heads up. The best thing about the high country is that there are still plenty of alternatives should a track be closed or impassable for whatever reason!
  19. should i sell my GU 4.2diesel wagon?

    Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Jacket, Sorry to hear mate. I think you are in the process of making a very bad decision. Everyone is right in that you will not get money back for your mods. But you need to work out the replacement value for yourself. If you buy another stock GU 4.2, how much are you going to up for to get...
  20. Harps' Bus - 2005 GUIV ST 4.2TD

    Members Rides
    Do you know if the air lines are longer and still work if in the cabin? Not that I have lockers, but just thinking ahead.
1-20 of 145 Results