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  1. My old GQ and a TD42 manual to automatic conversion

    Members Rides
    Sorry no first hand experience with a J7. I believe it's a standard TD42 converter, so should work OK?
  2. Re4R03a transmission considerations for big power

    Engine & Drivetrain
  3. Re4R03a transmission considerations for big power

    Engine & Drivetrain
    my 2c... For bellhousing - Either or. Same thing. Keas can drill the 3 holes into the ZD bellhousing for your TD42 starter, then you won't have to touch the trans when it is delivered to you and it is garunteed to fit together without issue. You could use your TD42 bellhousing and maybe save...
  4. My old GQ and a TD42 manual to automatic conversion

    Members Rides
    Your bad luck never seems to end. Pulling the trans must be very quick by now. All the best with the next TC. It would be good to know how it compares to all the others. I thought the WSA Billet TC would be the best, but maybe not.
  5. Hollywood project - Leethal’s new GU

    Members Rides
    Mine weeped from the gap between the case and bellhousing. Not fully up the bolt and into the bellhousing past the bolt head as you suggest. So oil was going up the bolt hole from the end and exiting half way along. Sealant was needed along the whole length of the bolt for the 2 or 3 bolts that...
  6. Hollywood project - Leethal’s new GU

    Members Rides
    I can confirm that this can happen. My auto trans had plenty of sealant on all (10?) of the bellhousing to trans bolts, but it was weeping oil in the gap between the case and bellhousing. Trans oil would coat the underside after a few hours. 18 months later I got around to pulling the engine...
  7. Shifter not matching actual gears auto

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Yup. You've got it.
  8. Location of auto trans temp gauge sender

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Either "A" reacts quicker so you know when to back off earlier. You will learn what situations cause heat better with this one in place. You will know when either is getting too hot so it's not that much of an issue which way you go. Whatever is easier to do or more robust.
  9. Auto trans cooling options for td42

    Engine & Drivetrain
    This spreadsheet has a few different models on it that might help with making a choice I had two Davies Craig coolers on - the biggest and 2nd biggest, model numbers 678 and 679. I wouldn't go with less. Choose something bigger with more capacity and do it once.
  10. 04 DX conversion needs cruise

    Engine Conversions General
    AP60 works great.
  11. Td42 into zd30 auto conversion

    TD42 Conversions
    GQ TD42 manual converted to auto. Went from 11.5 to 12L/100kms and it changed to 13.5 to 14L/100kms So consistently + 2L/100kms.
  12. flywheel and rear main seal advice

    Engine & Drivetrain
    I'm not the expert, but from my experience around that area there is no reason to have coolant there and the pan gasket only seals sump oil from escaping. Random guess - have you checked the coolant drain plug is tight and has sealant? It is located towards the rear of the block on the...
  13. flywheel and rear main seal advice

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Check out the big nut at the front of the crank inside the balancer / big pulley. Smaller NA crank has a nut of about 41mm. Larger turbo crank has a nut something like 56mm.
  14. Auto trans coasting on deceleleration

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Yes it is normal at lower speeds, but it can be changed to not do that at highway speeds by making sure the Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) stays engaged. Do some tweaking and you can change it no doubt. I've never seen the spitronics setup but this is the gist... Settings will need to be that...
  15. Flushing of fuel system

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Having gone through a contamination issue before, I would recommend draining the tanks, disposing of the fuel appropriately. Drop the empty tanks and throughly clean. Then be glad it hasn't stuffed your pump or injectors.
  16. Removing GU TD42t engine and tips

    Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Just finished this job yesterday for a very minor oil leak. Yes to the air con. Do similar for the power steering pump. For the top 2 bellhousing bolts; Undo engine mounts. Then lift engine up. remove engine mounts. drop engine back down so it sits lower than before. Then the top bolts are a...
  17. Aftermarket Coolant Temp Sensor

    3 Litre ZD30 DI Engine
    Is that a davies craig sensor for the thermo fans? Looks very neat. You can also get the Engine Guard to do a similar thing as your current setup, as I understand it - replace the buzzer output to instead give the signal to a relay powering a fan.
  18. Engine running hot TD42???

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Yours might behave different, but with a similar setup it would be good to see what you come up with. My GU air dam fitted to the GQ (with a 2 inch suspension lift) projects downwards such that the bottom lip is just above the level of the center line of the axle tube and the pumkin. So it...
  19. Engine running hot TD42???

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Thanks for that. I had a look on the spare one and yes its labeled right up that hole. I never thought to look there
  20. td42 11mm pump

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Apparently performs the same as the other UFI pumps with larger plunger sizes
1-20 of 369 Results