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  1. Voltage on Sub tank pump

    Auto Electrical
    Yes should be 12v, trace back from pump and check connections and fuse for crap.
  2. Front Engine Cover (Timing Cover) removal

    3 Litre ZD30 DI Engine
    Post a pic if you can of where your at with it. Also download the workshop manual from the ZD30DI archives, post #9.
  3. The NRL (once a king always a king, once a knight is enough) Thread

    General Discussion
    Week 2 finals Rabbits Storm
  4. The NRL (once a king always a king, once a knight is enough) Thread

    General Discussion
    Finals week 1 Roosters Storm Sharks Eels
  5. Archives links compromised

    Forum News
    Apologies to members for the situation with many Archives Links, the so-called forum 'upgrade' to Xenforo software has rendered many links useless leading to an Oops! message when clicked on, we have known about it for some time but were waiting for things to settle. Tracking down exactly which...
  6. What cheeses you off

    General Discussion
    Teenagers are being questioned, but the head firery wouldn't comment on it just now.
  7. Missing pics, ability to edit posts and other issues

    Community Help
    Jeff, you are correct to a certain extent, members were never given 'unlimited' editing access, but we did give them 'unlimited' access to their own historical posts (among other things), this was spelled out in another communication I sent to you guys. They had always had the rite, but it was...
  8. The Pub Chit Chat Thread

    General Discussion
    @skegbudley can you give me a timeframe of when you took that screenshot of the frug add, It is important in followup, as asked earlier the shot said 17 hours, but 17 hours from when.
  9. Turbo sounds and symptoms

    3 Litre ZD30 DI Engine
    If you have lots of money your fine, but you don't need it to get performance.
  10. Yokahama/BF

    Tyres & Wheels
    Don't discount BFG KO2, I've had them on for just on 70,000 and have been the best tyre I've used on the Trol, Also absolutely brilliant in sand and gravel. My 2 cents worth.
  11. Patrol 4x4 Forum Bank Account

    Competitions and Events
    August closing balance is $1950.49 which includes 0.21c interest. Both cheques to charities have been presented, RFDS sent us a thank you which i posted in the S&S thread but no such communication from Angel Flight and I particularly asked for feedback to show our members, lets see what...
  12. The WTF Thread.

    General Discussion
    When did you take that shot, it says 17 hours ago but 17 hours from when, that thread was deleted by a mod not long after it went up, and officially complained about not long after that, if this is a recent shot please let me know. EDIT: answered my own question, stupid friggin tapa shows...
  13. Taco on 2001 3 litre GU

    Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    A few questions mate. Are you saying this issue only occurred after the engine swap? What are you comparing it with? Is it ever erratic? Any other gauges playing up from time to time? Auto or manual? I know mine is out by 125rpm at around 2 grand, 400rpm is way too much.
  14. Forum Stickers

    General Discussion
    For anyone else interested this is the spot for sticker orders, Jakewild took over the job last year.
  15. 2004 GU IV struggles to rev beyone 2100 rpm

    3 Litre ZD30 DI Engine
    That 2.4v at idle bringing up a fault and MIL is interesting, never took mine up at idle only down to minimise fuel smell in the old days, trialled as low as 1.3v. I've got a funny one started several weeks ago, if I go WOT the MIL comes up and I get a 46 air intake excess volume fault, but it...
  16. Electric window

    Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Your in luck tonight ;). Yendor is our resident electrical specialist, he has helped many of us over the years, what he doesn't know about Patrol wiring is not worth knowing.
  17. The Pub Chit Chat Thread

    General Discussion
    Watching the news over the last few days, spare a thought for those affected by these disasterous fires, drove through Binna Burra area a week ago, now it's devastated, sad.
  18. Quick boost question

    3 Litre ZD30 CRD Engine
    Whoa, something wrong mechanically here mate, they are massive swings, pull the Tillix apart and make sure there is no crap or marks in the seat area, engine heat will not effect the spring. Do you have access to a measured air supply so you can set the break point on the bench? Was it a new valve?
  19. Quick boost question

    3 Litre ZD30 CRD Engine
    What are the issues you are having setting up the tillix, describe them for us please? There are quite a few CRD out there running with stock ECU boost control even with EGR block and many with tillix or dawes with EGR block with and without vacuum solenoid input.
1-20 of 183 Results