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General Information


I would like to note first, alot of the cab was either missing or damadged so i have either custom made parts, or used parts from other vehicles. I have just recently finished my carpentry apprenticship so this was done on apprentice wages.

The dash was badly damaged and several components not working. I made the central dash piece to house a head unit, gauges and soon some switchs.
Aftermarket bucket seats and centre console.
Repaired rust on the floor and rerouted wiring over the tunnel to avoid wires sitting in water/mud.
Autotecnica steering wheel and gauges
Aem wideband
Plasti dip coat on the cabin floor for easy cleaning/aesthetics.
Offset gear shifter as it was obstructed by new dash piece.
Resprayed sun damaged plastics and made a new dashmat.
Replaced damaged door/rear linings with checkerplate
Titan drawers for tools as this is my daily (carpenter)
Led lights and power supply inside the canopy for work/camping
Resprayed damadged roof vinyl
Slowly replacing weatherseals and trims as they fail
Removed old ac and heater as they were not working however i will be replacing them with more compact aftermarket ones.

Engine bay:
Replaced stock airbox with sealed pod filter box.
2.5 inch turbo back exhaust
Added a second battery but still operating as 12v system
Assorted breathers
Catch can

Soon adding:
Intercooler and piping
Replacing radiator
Old cracked lines with braided
Electric thermo fans for radiator and IC
Possible oil cooler


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