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High Roof Patrol
Purchased this Patrol mid 2010 from a friend with top mount turbo TD42 with auto gearbox. 31'' tire and no lift. 2 small Hella spoties at the front. The only issues at that time was the coolant and ATF temperature. Get pretty hot (coolant 105c, ATF 140c and climbing) when pushed hard uphill.
1992 Nissan High Roof Patrol (Silver/Black)


The 1st pic is the old engine bay. Took out the engine and the gearbox, repaint the bay and add few mods (still in the making):
1. Inlet manifold.
2. Add a new Garret turbo and 3'' pipe (no muffler).
3. Mod a Sanden 508 as an air compressor.
4. Replace the stock 35 amp alternator with a 80 amp.
5. Add 2 Perma Cool ATF cooler (1 in front of the radiator, 1 behind the radiator).
6. Add a new 23''x14'' a/c condenser under the cabin. Use the original condenser as a secondary radiator that cools the coolant from the turbo before its enter the engine block. Helps to manage the coolant and ATF issues (coolant 98c, ATF 95c -Max!).
7. Will relocate both batteries under the cabin away from the heat. Will use that extra space for other things.
8. Add a +ve and -ve terminal block at the fire wall so no more power tapping from the battery terminals.
9. Add a 24v fuse block.
10. Add an oil catch tank.
11. Head lights wire upgraded.
12. Auto Meter gauges.
Most of this mods are completed..just waiting for new engine and gearbox mounting to arrive from Japan. Japan..? Yup..Japan.
Took out the dashboard, remove all the unwanted wires, lay and route all extra switches wire to the original loom. Add 2 voltage reducer, under front passenger seat and inside center console (behind the hand brake). All inside the cabin's relays and a 12v fuse box tuck in here too. Also made my own roof console. Glued a thick rubber mat at the roof for better sound and heat insulation.
No major mod for the exterior atm. Only ARB bull bar and 2 reverse spotties at the back.
Pioneer audio system..
Wheel and Tire
33'' Cooper Discoverer STT.



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