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GQ safari granroad swb
red over silver
i got this shorty 4 yrs ago as an incomplete project, with shot procomps and the kings in the front winch and bar also the 1/4's choped since then ive changed and installed every thing my self how ever i could not have done this without the advice and very reasonable prices offered tome by zordo whom i found on this sites supporting vendors list im very happy so far with my rig lots more to do. diy has been a great way to learn about how things work and react to mods ant terrain i also have renewed front hub bearings and all seals on diff also transfer out put
bearings and seals in rear diff also diff and gearbox breathers have been up graded next on the list is lockers this tax return.
the body is a bit banged up but hey thats 4wding aint it?? has the usual rust int he foot wells and other places , so im thinking let go and ill body swap it to a 12v body later (any one got one lol ??) or maybe a rhino body or even been wandering if a morris ute body would fit any way we'll see.. also bar work is from rgc out of beenliegh qld
1988 Nissan GQ safari granroad swb (red over silver)


td 42 stock but renewed injectors extractors with 2 1/2" exhaust
24v to 12v inverter to run stereo, uhf, and other accessories also change cig lighter outlets to 12v
sun roof
rear 1/4 chop, custom sliders, custom front winch bar, 1 1/2" body lift, pto winch, snorkle
double carden drive shaft
cd player radio and windows to look out of
Wheel and Tire
33/12.5/15 goodyear wrangler kevlar mtr on 8" sunnies. prior to this i ran 33/12.5/15 GTradials adventuro m/t a very good buget tyre



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