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MK Patrol Wagon
I got this unlicensed MK Patrol for free from a friend that has an SD33T engine that was apparently seized. I sourced a 24 volt SD33 MQ through the same friend that was sitting in a horse paddock. The engine had recently been rebuilt, and only just run in, but had been sitting for a while, I also scored this for free. After looking over it, I ended up grabbing two batteries, got it started and drove it home. Since I don't have the money to rebuild the SD33T yet, I did an engine swap. When I took the SD33T engine out, I found why it was stuffed, there was a chunk of cast iron missing from the block that was hidden behind the left engine mount. I stripped this engine and kept all the good bits, and tossed the block. Recently I worked at a small service station in town. While driving around the back one day, I noticed a brand new muffler and tail pipe section in the junk pile, I couldn't believe my luck as it had 160 written on it. I went in and asked about it, I was told I could have it for free. One afternoon a friend and myself went to our local tip, found a car with a really good bit of pipe, so I cut a section off it and fitted the new system to the MK, looks and sounds heaps better. There is a bit of work to do before putting it over the pits for licensing, but I already have a work order with very minor things, mostly time consuming not really costly.
1984 Nissan MK Patrol Wagon (Brown)


Just cleaned the wiring up a bit, and replaced a few minor things like overflow bottle. Apart from the engine swap, I have another 5 speed gearbox to fit which cost me $50. The only thing I really need to do is a new radiator, that's on the cards very soon.
In the process of fitting bucket seats from a Nissan Pulsar. I have removed the old worn sand filled carpet, and cleaned up the floor pan. I intend on replacing the old carpet with new vinyl from Tru-Fit in Melbourne, and looking into using a product called Resomat that will take care of heat insulation and sound proofing. I also replaced the old gearstick boot with a thicker one from a late model Landcruiser, it fit really well and looks great.
No actual modifications to speak of apart from removing the old steel flares that were a bit rusty, and replaced the automatic hubs with brand new free wheeling hubs from ARB. Will also be replacing the MK tails lights with an aftermarket set.
So far have only bought and installed a basic JVC CD Tuner which will do for now.
Wheel and Tire
The MK came with standard split rims and fairly decent tyres that will do for a while.


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