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GU Patrol III
Metallic Grey
4th owner; Car was originally owned by a 4wd enthusiast who treated the chassis for rust and looked after the car well. Second owner was a rural real estate agent who drove it on the road around the country. 3rd owner was a SAS serviceman who fitted it out to tow a huge caravan. I have full service history and the car has been looked after well.
2003 Nissan GU Patrol III (Metallic Grey)

Extensively modified by myself for extreme touring.


-3.0L ZD30DDTi
-Eaton Elockers front & rear
-Eclipse ECP540 Turbo (DIY fitted)
-Fabwitz 3" stainless intake & airbox (DIY fitted)
-Fabwitz 4" stainless snorkel (DIY fitted)
-PDI Front Mount Intercooler (DIY fitted)
-ECPT Remap (DIY fitted)
-Provent 150 Catcher Can (DIY fitted)
-EGR Blanked (DIY fitted)
-Dawes Valve, turbo tuned to 28psi (DIY fitted & tuned)
-ARB Auxiliary Battery Tray
-100 A/h deep cycle auxiliary battery (DIY fitted)
-RedArc Dual Battery Controller with manual override in cabin (DIY fitted)
-Custom stainless steel bracket in engine bay for electrical systems (DIY fabricated & fitted)
-Waterproof 6 gang fuse blocks for each battery in engine bay (DIY fitted)
-100A Isolator switch for auxiliary battery (DIY fitted)
-Under bonnet mounted LED's turn automatically when bonnet is opened (DIY fabricated & fitted)

3" Dobinson heavy duty coils
6" Superior Engineering adjustable monotubes (rear) (DIY fitted)
5" Superior ArmadaExtreme monotubes (front) (DIY fitted)
Superior engineering rear coil dropout cones
Superior engineering rear coil retainers
Toughdog adjustable panhard rods
Heavy duty drag link
Heavy duty tie rod
Hardcase 4X4 diffguards front & rear (DIY fitted)
Profender RTC steering damper
Extended braided brake lines
Superior engineering hybrid superfelex radius arms with castor correction
Superior engineering rear swaybar quick disconnects
Superior Engineering brake proportioning valve extender
-Horizon Touring center console with Waeco CF11 fridge/freezer and dual USB charging points (DIY Fitted)
-Trufit Auto Vinyl flooring with waterproof underlay (DIY fitted)
-Custom made roof console with 2X narva map lights, 6 gang switch panel and housing for car PC (DIY designed & fitted)
-Compartment above passenger glove box converted to a lockable electronics bay with breakers, fuses and control systems housed within (DIY designed, fabricated & fitted)
-Titan single rear draw with fitted wing (DIY modified)
-Winch controls permanently wired to roof console with safety switch (DIY Project)
-Dunn & Wattson fridge tilt slide (DIY fitted)
-Custom laser etched blue led illuminated carling rocker switches for accessories X20 (DIY designed & fitted)
-3 position rocker switch for reverse/camping lights; automatic revrse on/off/on (DIY designed & fitted)
-1500W Pure sine wave inverter mounted neatly under draw wing (DIY fitted)
-Kings seat covers
-Kings seat organizers
-Mounted 150Lph air compressor concealed in draw wing with wireless remote start/stop control mod (DIY project)
-Dual A-Pillar 35mm Gauge Holders (DIY fitted)
-ProSport Pro series LED Boost/EGT Gauges with inbuilt alarms (DIY fitted)
-Autostrada Electronic cruise control (DIY fitted)
-Glow plug timer mod (DIY fitted)
-GME 5W 80 Channel CB Radio DIY fitted)
-Modified ARB Turbo Timer (DIY modified, LED's changed to blue to match colour theme)
-Stainless barn door table modified with automatically activated LED lights, dual USB chargers & a high current cigarette lighter socket (DIY)
-Victron BMV-12 Smart battery monitor with bluetooth and audible alarms mounted in the passenger side barn door (DIY fitted)
-20A Solar charge controller mounted on passenger side barn door (DIY fitted)
-Gas strut mod for passanger side barn door (DIY fitted)
-Extension mod for passanger side barn door hinge (DIY fitted)
-Cel-fi 4G phone repeater with 4G whip antenna mounted to roof rack on folding bracket (DIY fitted)
-All interior and instrument lights converted to LED. Dashboard lights changed to blue in line with color theme (DIY fitted)
-Various high current USB charging points fitted around interior (DIY Fitted)
-Ocam full length aluminium tradesman style roofrack
-MCC Rocker Bar (Sand variant) (DIY fitted)
-Stainless steel rear ladder (DIY fitted)
-GME AE4705B Detachable 6.6DB Antenna (DIY fitted)
-6.6DB gain antenna for 3G/4G phone signal (DIY fitted)
-Kut Snake wheel arch flares (DIY fitted)
-Recovery tracks mounted to roof rack via quick release brackets
-Custom made tube style rock sliders (DIY fitted)
-Custom made rear bar with super heavy duty wheel carrier and Jerry can holder (DIY fitted)
-Wheel carrier mounted reverse light holder(DIY fitted)
-Aluminium 3/4 roof rack (DIY fitted)
-110W fixed solar panel (DIY fitted)
-30 Second wing awning with LED strip light mod and canvas walls (DIY fitted)
In place of a regular head unit I am running a Custom built car PC solution: (DIY Designed & Developed, & Fitted). See my blog:
-(Intel Core I3 4360, 8GB Kingston low profile ram, Asus Z97L Plus Motherboard, 250GB Samsing 850 Series SSD, Purpose built 125W PSU for car PC's, VoomPC Case)
-Xenarc HD Capacative Touchscreen in place of normal head unit
-Can play steam games on the PC with an Xbox or Play Station controller
-Full bluetooth connectivity to play music with phones, tablets ect
-External volume knob with push to mute to control volume
-SiRF STAR IV High Accuracy GPS Module for navigation
-Bluetooth 4.0 module
-Onboard dual band AC Wi-Fi with external antenna
-Connects automatically on start-up to the engine's ECU via a DIY custom adapter and displays gauges of important stats in real time. Has inbuilt audio and visual alarms for battery voltage, coolant temp ect.
-FM Radio connected to original electric antenna via a FM radio dongle
-3.5MM Aux in
-Android auto integration

Audio & Speakers
-PC's stereo audio is fed though high quality cable to a 240W 4 pioneer amplifier.
-4X 3 Way Pioneer Satellite Speakers in the doors
-Pioneer 800W Monoblock Class D amp
-Kicker Compact 12" Sub in compact box
-Custom made LED headlights with ptojrctor lenses, CCFL rings and wi-fi controlled RGB LED halo accents
-6" slimline llightbar (rear)
-Narva park/indicator lights (bullbar)
-Aurora dually 6" combination driving lights
-6" Lightbar (front)
-42" Dual color curved lightbar (DIY mounted under roof rack; 3 position switch wired in cab for fog mode or regular mode)
-4" LED Floodlights X4 mounted on roofrack
-30W LED foglights with blue angel eyes
-All exterior lights including indicators & parking lights replaced with high output Cree LED's
-Rear indicators, & stop/brake/reverse lights wired up to make all of them work
3" Stainless steel turbo back exhaust
Wheel and Tire
35" Micky Thompson MTZ
15X8" Sunraysia Rims (-22 Offset)
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This thing is insane... Awesome build 👌