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General Information

GQ Patrol
TB42 Dual Fuel LPG/Petrol Automatic Transmission
Originally purchased (rescued) in poor condition with the intention of repairing/modifying as $$$ became available. Slow process that continues to this day!
1989 Nissan GQ Patrol (White)


Fighting a few gremlins here! Coil / Radiator cap / ElectFan
No major problems even at 500,000km. Regular oil/filter change. Regular tappet reset.
Front lamb's wool seat covers have been the only interior mod. so far.
UHF radio needed.
Primitive stereo will have to be replaced soon.
With rare moves into 2nd it soon became apparent that the automatic transmission was not up to scratch. Can be driven without 2nd but places extra strain on 1 & 3. Crawling around underneath outside a transmission repair shop [before an investigative service] revealed a cracked front diff-housing. Exchange d-h and complete 2" new suspension lift package occurred prior to A/T repair. First cruise trip out saw two tyre blowouts 50km apart to what seemed like sound tyres. Possibly older than their wear revealed. Small town tyre shop limited range resulted in return to city and work until four new 31x10.5R15 Bridgestone Desert Duelers could be purchased. Great all round tyres. Testament to the toughness of Patrol's drivetrain and motor is that I drove around in mostly city stop/go traffic for 18months without 2nd gear. All along was debating rebuild vs exchange vs used from wrecker. Eventually had mine rebuilt so that I knew what I was getting. Generous brother donated a steel ARB winchbar and driving lights! Future purchases will include UHF and 12000lb winch when funds allow.
Scored a good DVD/GPS/Rearview Camera/USB/MobTV on ebay for $290 Will install soon and report on quality. Need new speakers too.
Wheel and Tire
Would like to go bigger here to avoid bellying out where 6"lifted beasts have been playing. Future desire.


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