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General Information

- The Trol
- 2000
- Nissan
- Patrol ZD30 DI GUII
- That very rare "Bronze" colour
- Safety Pack (dual airbags and ABS)
- Oct 2000 build bought new, "Grenaded" at 155,000k after years of very long high speed project work trips, thus unknowingly having extended high EGT periods. Rebuilt using post 2003 block, ceramic coated pistons and new head, reused crank and rods. Started NADS work with around 180,000k on the clock. Hung around the forum for a while before joining in early 2010. Always looking for little projects/improvements that basically any handyman can do and there are many of them.
Currently have 376,000k on the clock and going stronger than ever. Not interested in the biggest Hp I can get out of it because it is a tourer and it's drive-ability I'm after, so I want reasonable Hp coming in as low as possible and achieve good low torque, and above all have reliability, something I have achieved but always looking for a project. Currently have max torque at 2000 rpm (feels like 1800) and max Hp at 2400 rpm, the quick rise in low rev Hp makes the torque feel like it is coming on much earlier, this is a significant improvement and addition for work done over the years, drives beautifully.
The old DI has 411,000k on it now, going better than ever. An Eclipse turbo was fitted with great results


1. Dual Batteries.
2. Safari DTronic. Note* Removed after remap.
3. Piranah Auto Isolation and Circuit Breaker. Note* Still going after 20+ years, third vehicle it has been on.
4. DIY Additional earth straps, Chassis to Body, Battery to Chassis.
5. DIY Catch Can.
6. Dual Dawes boost control, needle valve in cab. Now Removed second Dawes and utilised the solenoid to open the line to the needle valve, working well with better fuel eco. Note* Now all replaced by Digibooster.
7. Normally closed solenoid defaults Dawes to high boost in a failure. See Note* in 6.
8. 2 3/4" Beaudesert exhaust.
9. Cross Country Intercooler with under slung fan.
10. Carter 4600HP Lift Pump, Note* now replaced with 4601, no problems just wanted higher pressure.
11. DIY 3 way pump Isolation Switch, allows manual filter bleeding without ignition.
12. DIY Fuel Filter Bleed Point with ball valve integrated at the Filter housing.
13. DIY JayCar voltage modifier (KC5490) and hand controller (KC5386) for MAF voltage adjustment (replaces TurboSmart FCD2). Note* Removed after remap.
14. DIY Glow Plug Timer (Kemo M113A) with bypass plug.
15. Water/Meth Injection (Devils Own), with a DIY 10L custom St St tank. Since undergone a partial conversion to CoolingMist FailSafe controller and nozzles with pre turbo injection. Note* Failsafe failed, using Hobbs Switch as safety.
16. DIY Fuel cooler (using auto trans cooler) mounted in front of radiator and cut into the tank return/spill line mod at the Injector Pump.
17. Autometer Pro Comp fuel pressure gauge with low pressure alarm.
18. Fumoto F-102 sump drain valve.
19. DIY Inertia switch for automatically isolating lift pump in case of accident.
20. K&N E9267 direct replacement cleanable air filter, supplemented with a BMC FB229/07 filter as a spare.
21. DIY Modified airbox opening from 80mm to 105mm.
22. DIY 3" intake from airbox to turbo.
23. DIY TPS control (via JayCar Voltage Switch) of Pre Turbo Water Meth injection solenoid.
24. DIY 2 1/4" outlet from Turbo all the way to IC. Bloody marvelous!!!
25. Insulated fitted to Intercooler. Note* Don't waste your time with this.
26. Changed Water Meth safety control to a simple Hobbs switch (56-76057-15) adjusted to switch 1st stage injection on at 16psi, my max boost is now 21psi.
27. E-Locker fitted to front diff, Bloody marvelous :).
28. Upgraded lift pump to Carter 4601 black comp.
29. Fabricated new turbo inlet going from the std 2" to 2.5", low torque improvement.
30. ECU Re Map by East Coast Performance Tuning, even more low torque improvement.
31. Cobra Head 3".
32. Revisited pre turbo WM Injection utilising new 2.5" turbo inlet, with a nozzle 4mm away from compressor wheel shaft, working well.
33. Fitted Braided Lines to Water Meth Injection.
34. Pre Turbo WM injection working fine, went up one nozzle size and there was an improvement.
35. Digibooster, stand alone electronic boost controller for VNT.
36. Eclipse Turbo running at 26psi, bigger turbo inlet matched to turbo throat is part of Eclipse system.
37. Injectors +50%
38. 4" 45mm twin tube ToughDog adjustable shocks fitted to replace very old 40mm ToughDog adjustables.
1. Outback Draw System.
2. Fridge and Slide.
3. Big Red Air Compressor.
4. Millford Cargo Barrier.
5. Electronic Trailer Brake Controller.
6. Remote Face UHF.
7. Boost and EGT Gauges.
8. Needle Valve, disconnected since installation of Digibooster.
9. Cruise Control.
10. DIY Separate Fuse Panel, second battery add on's.
11. DIY Cup Holders.
12. ECUTalk.
13. Fused Heavy Duty 4 Socket power outlet.
14. 3 DIY USB Points in Dash.
15. Inverter.
16. Hema HN7
17. DIY Barn Door fold down Table, very handy on trips.
18. Strengthened and modified original front seats, work done by local upholsterer.
19. Navman Dashcam + Contour
20. AutoMeter ProComp alarm fuel pressure gauge.
21. 3 gauge pillar pod now :).
22. DIY Re upholstered arm rests and centre console, comfortable.
23. Hand stitched Leather steering wheel cover.
24. Reversing Camera.
25. Deep cycle Battery Inline Monitor.
1. Alloy Bar.
2. Safari Snorkel.
3. Hayman Reece Tow Bar.
4. Rear Bumper lights screwed in (they fall out too easy on rocky climbs)
5. Replaced ARB steel with Rhino Alloy flat plane platform rack rated to 100kg, sits only 145mm above roofline and fits into Garage :).
6. Side Steps.
7. IPF Driving lights.
8. Sudso Spare Wheel Mounted work light bracket.
9. 2 x Rigid Industries 2600 lumen 4 LED work lights.
10. 50amp Anderson plug outlets at various locations.
11. LED Day Time Running Lights. Auto on, self cancel.
12. Featherlight Awning.
13. Rear Door Ladder.
14. Roadsafe dual front recovery points including inner hooks.
15. 22" Steady Light Bar.
16. Ladder on small barn door for easy roof rack access
1. Pioneer Speakers.
2. Pioneer head unit.
3. Wife and Grand Daughter.
4. ECUTalk.
5. E-Locker Switch :).
1. DTRL.
2. 22" Steadi light bar.
3. LED internal lighting.
1. 2.75" Beaudesert.
2. 200 cat
Wheel and Tire
1. 265 x 75 x 16 BFG T/A KO2, 4th set, great tyre.
2. After Market Alloys.
3. RDA Slotted and Dimpled Discs with genuine Nissan 4.8 soft pads, highly recommend them.