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GU Patrol TD42 Wagon
Government DX
From new the car was a Broken Hill Police Vehicle. In the mid 00's the car was bought at auction by a horse farm in South Australia and used as a tow vehicle for their horse floats. I bought the car in the end of 2016 at 360,000 kilometers with the only additions being the police bullbar, tow brakes and an ancient UHF. After ovehauling the suspension with 3 inches of lift, new radius arms and Dobinsons MRR shocks, I went to take it for a spin in Toolangi state forrest and learnt the limitations of an under bonnet air intake. I managed to hydrolock the engine. I managed to purge the cylinders of water and swap the oil to limp home, but when I compression tested the motor it turned up low compression in cylinder 6. I spent most of 2017 pulling the drivetrain and rebuilding the motor to turbo specification. By the end of the year I decided I wanted to strip the chassis completely and convert it to a coveted coil cab chassis. At this stage in February 2018, the body has been sold, motor is build and chassis is ready to have tray mounts, chassis stiffening and coil tower bracing welded on. From there I will coat it and start reassembling the drivetrain and finally fit a ute body and tray.
1999 Nissan GU Patrol TD42 Wagon (White)


Nissan TD42. Factory crank, turbo pistons and billet rods. Garret GTX2860R Turbo on Raduis Fabrication ceramic coated high mount manifold, PEC industries top mount intercooler with custom stainless intercooler piping. Turbo back exhaust is stainless steel with high flow muffler. Turbo exhaust housing and exhaust to the rear of the cab is also ceramic coated. Catch Can, under-tray relocated batteries, custom engine and accessories wiring loom and Bussmann fuse/relay box.
Wheel and Tire
5x Dynamic D shape 16x10in steel rims with 285/75/16 Toyo Open Country AT2s and 5x Dynamic D shape 15x10in with 35in Toyo Open Country M/Ts



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