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MQ Patrol Ute (URG160)
White (mainly, with black greasy finger marks-to b
SD33 5 Speed
Purchased 03/2012 328,000km ??
(1) Replaced standard rims with 15x8 Cheviots & 31x10.5 R15 LT Maxxis 751's (off the old Hilux (Trevor) - which went well, but was having to try too hard pulling/carrying a couple of ton up Toowoomba range)

(2) Shake under brakes (esp downhill & loaded up - heart racing stuff down Toowoomba Range the first time)...Checked front rotors..ok Balance ok Wheel bearing LHF pulled up a bit..Alignment .nok Wheel bearing loose again ...Checked Kingpin Bearings..nok
So did complete Swivel Hub kit both sides (incl front Wheel Bearings), CV's were stuffed - did them as well , Kingpin bearings scored and badly needed attention, wheel bearings were possibly ok, replaced them anyway, LHS had obviously taken a beating....fixed the shake...fabulous

(3) LH Rear wheel brake cyclinder leaking... both sides replaced....fixed those leaks... MC probably needs attention soon, probably do the front calipers at the same time.

(4) Oil drips from motor around sump and bellhousing...Rear main replaced, (sump gasket replaced in process of course)....fixed

(5)Power Steering Box leaking....Still topping it up with PS Stop Leak, (just about stopped it)

(6) LHS axles bearing started to leak....New bearings & seals (both sides - scored , heat marked - utterley stuffed)

(7) Changed oil Rear Diff/Gearbox/Transfer Case/Front Diff....varyious colours and consistencies in the old oils but no metal so will keep my fingers crossed)

(8) Temp guage hardly moved ever......Found thernostat was stuck open .........Replaced along with radiator hoses,heater hoses,belts.

(9)Speedometer was erratic up to 80k & thats where it stayed....Odometer catching , trip didn't work at all .....pulled it out, had a play..popped a shaft or two , remeshed the gears and away it went......looked like someone had been there before...I wonder why?....10k hasn't missed a beat

(10)Shudder starts around 91kph (looking at the rear view mirror, cars behind me are a blur kinda shudder & no, it's not going fast enough for a sonic boom)
a)Uni's seemed ok but replaced them difference.... b)Tried 180 degree rotation at the rear flange.... ref wshop difference.....
c)Tailshaft?... bingo... found someone had played with the tailshaft. It had been shortened (I guess or wrong one swapped in - looked like the pic in the manual though) slip joint was running too far out of the socket. With the rear wheels jacked (off the ground), spinning the shaft & watching the shaft (for movement), as i got to the front, could see up & down in the yoke - but only near the slip joint......checked tailshaft spec, flange to flange distance is correct, tube diameter is correct, unis fitted ok-flanges correct.
Couldn't locate a tailshaft in Brisbane, so off to Driveline Services - diagnosis confirmed (without me prompting).
To be lengthened, resplined, balanced.....not cheap,
I'm optomistic - be good to get a decent run up at Minden/Marburg Ranges on the way to Toowoomba- got to be able to do better than 40k at the top.
1986 Nissan MQ Patrol Ute (URG160) (White (mainly, with black greasy finger marks-to b)


NTMK (that's not to my knowledge)
I empty the ashtray occassionally.
100L Long Range Tank (Additional)
When I sing along with Luke the dog.
Wheel and Tire
Replaced standard rims with 15x8 Cheviot 31x10.5 R15 LT Maxxis 751



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