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2003 GU Ti
Bought it brand new from Brighton Nissan in Melbourne. It's a Ti with everything that was available (sunroof, running boards, ARB bar, factory spotties) from the dealer with factory installed lpg. Serviced by the book, so far done 180,000kms. It has towed a 2.5tonne boat it's entire life & done many trips (Melb>Adel, Melb>Syd, Syd>Adel, Melb>Tassie, Melb>Alice Springs, Melb>Airlie Beach - where I live now) & I use it as my daily drive for work which entails going up & down the Qld coast between Weipa & Rockhampton. It is a FANTASTIC vehicle for the road, just push the cruise & off she goes. Had an engine rebuild at 135,000 after (the dealer blames the higher temperature of running lpg) throwing a value through the head. Other than that it's been great since 2003 & I can't envisage selling it. It does the job!
2003 Nissan 2003 GU Ti (White)


Standard 4.8 with lpg. Only mod I've done is the lpg pva clamp (zip tie) which has bettered the fuel consumption.
Still very standard. The Ti comes with all leather which has lasted VERY well as I only treat it rarely. Biggest (& heaviest) thing are the rear drawers which house - 2 large drawers & fridge slide, 2nd battery (Optima 900 crank), Redarc BCDC 1220 battery system, 1000W inverter, 3 x 12v plug outlet, 2 full time battery meters, Fuse box, 2 x 240v power points + sound system (see photos), full time wired up 150lb compressor. Made them myself (which took 6 months) but they came up ok. Crash barrier is missing in the photos also (pulled it out to work on the stereo system). Next project will be to rip the middle seats out & install a storage system/shelves including a 100 litre water tank, water heater & shower system.
No real changes from new other than rear air spolier, roof racks (shovel & high jack holder), rear light stalk (for 2 led lights & 2nd UHF aerial). Lightforce XGT's, 22" LED lightbar + 800D IPF's - on the roof rack, 2 x Stebel truck horns, 55W HID (Thumpanic - see vendor here on forum) headlights, LED's to all outside & inside lights. Finally got the Xmas tree dummy rear lights working too. Side Ironman awning & TigerZ11 winch.
Just put a DIG Options Chinese headunit with DVD, Bluetooth, usb, iPod, TV, Nav GPS, Reversing camera etc - works well) as part of my drawers build so now have; 8 original speakers, 2 x Kenwood 9" splits, 1 x 12" Kenwood sub, 1 x 600W Sony Explode Amp. It can crank up a doof doof track well!
Wheel and Tire
Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ's - they've done 30,000kms now & still look brand new, they ride the freeway well & for the little amount of 4x4 'ing I do they're perfect. Great Tyre - won't by anything else in the future.



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