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G 60
Blue,with the occasional red rust streak
Package's did not come with this model. Nothing came with this model.
Purchased buy old man Taylor back in 1978. He had it for the next 20+ years. When he was slid into the ground, he willed it to the eldest son who owned it for around 10 years. When oldest son was slid into the ground, he willed it t Des, his younger brother. Thank fully Des ain't dead yet. Des, sold it to me. It has been kept on a Gold mine for the last 40 odd years.

It has never been on the beach, it's does not know what a car wash is, the only driving this old girl has done, is drive the kids up to the mine, so that they could get to know what hard work was. Australia wasn't built by a hero on an x box.
1978 Nissan G 60 (Blue,with the occasional red rust streak)


It's got a Oil Bath with cyclonic pre-cleaner. How's that for snazzy. ^-^
Rust on the inside.
It's had a second skin put on the roof. This second skin does two things. One it holds all the rust in place. (proud of the first rule of the bush, Leave no trace). secondly it does act as installation on a hot day.

Hot? it ain't hot, the paint ain't running yet princess!
I sing beautifully, it's the passage that's rough.
Wheel and Tire
Yes, 4 of them. Apparently the 5th one is somewhere between Mount Magnet and Perth Western Australia. That's a lot of bush to go looking in to find just one tyre. Bt should u come across it, I still have a good home for it on the back of the 4b. UMMMMmmm. The're black, and made from rubber and it's a really modern one, hehe. They are about 10 years old and round.



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