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I Have a TD42 Auto Patrol and I do a lot of towing along the coast of WA and perform many beach launches (1500 kg plate alloy boat. I had my patrol tuned at Gturbo in 2017, I was very happy with its performance however.... we always want more power right!!

1st mod was to rebuild the sad old auto that had done 350,000.
I used a local Auto shop in Albany. $2800.00

2nd mod More Power!!!
G Turbo Grunter and manifold,
Turbo $2050.00
Manifold $420.00
dump pipe Manta $175.00
gaskets $200.00
Red Arc gauge $450.00

G Turbo $330.00

The safari Turbo added grunt and was very reliable however anything above 14 PSI and the boost curve would slope down at higher RPM causing AFR's to rise as I have a non compensated pump.
boost response was slow and towing I would always be hard on the accelerator to be in the power zone.
88 kw and 366 NM torque. 12-14 PSI averaging 13-15.5 L/ 100 kms.

After bolting all the G Turbo stuff on I took it for a test drive and was amazed at how different the setup was, I did not change fuel screw at all and the boost response was brought forward to early 1000 rpm and I felt like I was only feathering the accelerator, boost was reaching 16-18 psi when booted and the turbo sounded quieter than the Safari whistle.

we drove to Graham at G Turbo and he spun the big girl up, 99.4 kw and 377 nm torque at the wheels on 18 PSI now averaging 12.5-13.5 L/ 100 Kms.
unfortunately this is when we realized that the 10 mm pump was maxed out.
SO purely from the turbo and manifold exchange we gained 11 kw and 11 nm torque ATW.
I've noticed that I am only feathering the accelerator down the highway and also I've picked up a few more km/L of fuel.
I cant wait to see what this does with an 11 boost compensated pump!

cost all up
2050 Turbo
+420 Manifold
+175 Dump pipe
  • 200 gaskets
  • 450 Red Arc Gauge
3295 Total
-1000 sold Safari turbo setup
+ 330 Dyno Tune
=$ 2625.00

Safari setup G Turbo green wheel

Manifold after some heat cycles