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GQ Patrol
Town and Country
Was brought new by a farmer in 1990 and used on farm for bout 18 years. Was replaced by new GU and retired to the hay shed for a year with 180,000 ks on the clock. I purchased in 2009 still stock standard apart from the custom pitch fork holder on tray, still proves useful for storing shovel. As a mechanic/engineer i couldn't resist making some improvments!
1990 Nissan GQ Patrol (White)


Was a standard TD42, added a turbo and intercooler kit which I built up, made steam pipe manifold, also 2 1/2'' pipes from turbo to intercooler and into engine. Fitted a steel Donaldson aircleaner with 3'' elbow into turbo and 3 1/2'' intake connected to a 3 1/2'' PVC snorkle, (build up was on a tight budget). Exhaust is again a DIY 3'' dump with 3'' straight through to the back with a short muffler to keep mr plod happy.
Tuned the engine myself, have the turbo running 15 psi with the fuel adjusted to suit blows a little smoke off the bottom but turbo kicks in fairly early and will pull through to redline with no restriction.
Also replaced the standard radiator with a high flow aluminium unit only because the old one was leaking beyond repair, the engine runs a bit warmer than standard on long hills loaded, but not enough to worry about.
-GME UHF radio
-Kenwood CD player
-Couple of stickers on glovebox to cover ear tag numbers drawn on with permanent marker.
-Modified standard Bull bar to accept a Thomas PTO whinch.
-Added aluminium scoop to bonnet to provide airflow to top mount intercooler.
-Made up and fitted a couple of scrub rails/rocksliders.
-Turned up and fitted a 1'' body lift, also welded in some 1'' tray lift blocks.
-Mounted rear facing flood light to wind board on tray.
-GME UHF aeriel.
-Narva 100W driving lights
Wheel and Tire
Fitted a set of 15'' mining spec black sunraiser rims with a cheap set of 31'' maxxis buckshot muddies. Waiting for them to wear out so i can fit a set of 33'' muddies.



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