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Patrol GU VI DX
I purchased this vehicle in 2012 from a fleet sales centre in Gosford. It was a mining supervisors vehicle at the top end of QLD so it didn't have as rough a life as I thought.
I was able to knock the dealer down quite a few grand due to myself working in the mining industry and I know how much we flog those vehicles. I was also able to get a three month warrenty and so far I've made them pay for over $9000 worth of driveline, interior and suspension repairs!
2008 Nissan Patrol GU VI DX (White)


There's the standard 3.0L ZD30 but being an ex-mining vehicle, there's a ERPS device along with a siren (with engineering plate!), Redarc automatic lights on/off and a battery isolator so while I'm away, any would be thieves will have to figure that one out then bust the lock I'll have attached haha!

I have more plans, next step will be a turbo timer along with a dual battery system. Also sooner rather than later ill be installing a diesel chip to help improve fuel economy as well as give the beast some extra oomph.
There was a rear roll bar with cargo barrier in it but has been swapped and will be replacing it with just a standard barrier (this one takes up way too much room), other than that it's pretty stock for now. I've just inherited a GME 40ch UHF from the younger sibling but with custom mounting plates on the roof.
I've also been lucky enough to buy myself a high end reverse camera kit for a steals off a local buy/swap/sell group!

Next step is a duel battery moniter and boost gauge and turbo timer. Maybe further down the road I'll change the front seats to something a little more comfy but for now these are fine.
TJM Steel Bullbar with a set of NightStalker's on front, chassis mounted rock sliders with side step plating and a Nissan Snorkel fitted. I have recently installed the towbar that I traded my Roll Cage with. I was able to get a really cheap (not good cheap) set of roof racks with a Rola half basket.

The plan is to have a pair of HID lights that I've yet decided on, along with possibly a Tigerz 11 Hercules 9000lbs winch with Dynamo rope and a stronger set of roof racks with a custom set of rollers I'll be making for a car topper boat.
I was able to find myself a cheap $100 single dinn dvd/bluetooth cd player off eBay as a temporary measure till the new double dinn comes my way. I will be getting some headrest DVD players for the little one.
Wheel and Tire
I have a set of basic white Sunraysia 16" rims with a brand new set of BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A's.

I plan on having a spare set of 15" with some serious mud terrains for when we get started on our family trips.



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