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Black over Silver
Ti High Roof
1989 Nissan Patrol High Roof Patrol Ti 12 volt (not a Safari)

Car was purchased new in 1990 from Metro Nissan by original owner.

ARB bull bar, rear bar, scrub bars and steps were installed just after purchase. The original white rims were removed and replaced with alloy mags and BFG all terrains. ARB compressor and Front ARB air locker. Airbags, AM and UHF radios installed.

After touring Australia for 9 mths it was back home for more work, IPF spotlights, secondary fuel tank, new stereo with subs. 2” lift kit, secondary battery and dual battery solenoid system installed. Rust proofing.

Supercharger kit purchased and installed by Metro 4x4, Safari snorkel. Relocated power steering pump to lower drivers side of motor under super charger. Rerouting of all lines. Relocation of clutch master resevor closer to firewall. Modify pizza box air cleaner to suit super charger. Insert rubber bushing in original harmonic balancer and install sheer pin, attach outer pulley to harmonic balancer. Install custom brackets and piping and super charger. Running at 5PSI. Installed extractors.

Car parked in shed and driving every few months till 2005 speedo 110 000klms

Purchased car from Original purchaser in 2005. Started putting the klms on it and things started to go bad.

2005 -2007
Broke a super charger tensioner which damaged the radiator and broke every belt on the motor. Replaced tensioner with same design and all new belts but increased the tension to stop it flapping around so much, this caused the sheer pin to break and the Super chargers lower pulley attached to the harmonic balancer to spin and destroy a full set of belts. Replaced the sheer pin, lots of locktite and tightened centre nut with rattle gun.

Seized a tensioner bearing shredded a super charger belt and broke a blade off the clutch fan. Made another tensioner from the original design and installed. Installed endless air system and removed original ARB compressor. Replaced rims with 16” GU and M/T. Destroyed the clutch, replaced with Excedy Safari clutch. Installed EFS 3” lift and shocks.

Designed and made my own Endless air system after the purchased endless air kept breaking brackets. Replaced water pump and thermostat housing at same time due to weeping. Installed new battery management system and stereo system. Upgraded wiring to rear of car for 110L Waeco.

Sheer pin broke and harmonic balancer spun on crank removing the keyway sholders. Removal of motor and new crank installed. Removed original timing case and replaced with GU vacum pump on the block. Drilled holes in block for oil piping etc. Purchased new harmonic balancer, removed bolts from balancer and made custom insert to bolt super charger pulley direct to harmonic balancer. No longer has any rubber bushs for shock load and is using the original balancer to stop vibration. This has taken all vibration out of the motor, revs to 4200 with no issues. 30 000klms and still no issues.

Installed 4” stainless snorkel and cyclone canister, removed old pizza box air cleaner. Removed secondary battery and replaced with gel cell in rear of car. Installed 75mm thick custom alloy radiator and AU falcon fan unit to outside of radiator as not enough space behind radiator. Installed PYRO to diagnose minor over heating issues that have existed since day 1 of supercharger install (700-800c on a hill). Moved power steering pump and made custom brackets to allow clearance of cross member and vacum pump. Custom boss fan hub to allow a fixed stainless flex fan to be fitted.

Tensioner seized bearing and exploded the rubber mount and destroyed belt. Decided there had to be a reason that they kept breaking. After discussions with engineering firm it was discovered the original tensioner bearings were rated at under 5000rpms, at around 3 1/2 to 1 ratio it was soaring past that at 1500rpms. Installed new 25 000rpm bearings into custom made alloy tensioner assembly. Made new top pulley for supercharger and wound boost to 11PSI, with no increase to fuel delivery. Installed GU top mount intercooler with thermo fan. This dropped my Pyro temps by 300c on a hill.
1989 Nissan GQ (Black over Silver)


TD4.2 with sprintex supercharger with full custom harmonic balancer, and tensioner running a GU intercooler and custom piping. 4 Row custom ally radiator with AU fan unit. Custom made air compressor system (like endless air)with dual tanks. 4" stainless snorkel and cyclone filter. Relocated Clutch master cylinder and power steering pump. Vacum pump fitted to motor instead of alternator. Piranha Battery management system.
Recaro front seats, shelf over windscreen, cargo barrier, fridge, custom fridge slide. UHF and Am radios.
ARB Front & rear bars, side steps and scrub bars. GU Front and rear diffs, dual ARB lockers. ARB second fuel tank. IPF spotlights.
1400watt sound system
secondary dvd system with headrest screen
Wheel and Tire
33" MTZ Federals on GU Steels
33" BFG All terrains on GU Steels



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