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White & Black
this Ute was an ex farm Ute it was abused picked it up with a dodgy road worthy it had sagged 2 inch lift and extractors and exhaust done.all shocks were stuffed coils were sagging on drivers side steering dampner was flogged, it had an ally tray that was held on by only 2 bolts and was absolutely flogged, tyres were slicks, rust under the plastic flares and in the wheel arches tail lights flogged bonnet strut bent holes in the floor found that one out later but that didn't mater because it had the td42 in her and 237000 on the clock engine was clean and it was the right price for a car I can build up myself planning on doing everything myself bar major servicing

1999 Nissan Patrol (White & Black)


old faithful td42 new starter motor, swivel hub kit 4terrain extra heavy duty clutch fried the old one

plans are to make my own intercooled turbo kit possibly might change out the pistonsso I can run a bit higher boost, new radiator and am hoping to run water to air intercooler
just redid the interior myself got some decent seat covers and dyed the vinyl floor black and allot of the plastics black sound deadened the whole cab just about to start my second glove box mod


fixed a leak in the fire wall and 4 rust holes in the can floor and one in the wheel arch
Cut out allot of rust behind the flares put weather Shields on the windows
bonnet protector
got 4xhid 7"spotties
got a steel tray off a work mate for 600 bucks
got it blasted and resprayed in mine industrial 2PAC another mates rate of 300 bucks,
submersible led tail lights
snorkel installed myself
ox equipment 8500lb winch
carnage diff breather kit

Wheel and Tire
black steelies 15"x10" wrapped in big horn LT



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