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  1. 3 Litre ZD30 DI Engine
    Hey guys I have a 2002 Nissan patrol zd30 di and have just had a major up haul done did the injectors the fuel filter oil new hoses new maf sensor to fix this issue but it didn’t bit of a back story car starts up fine just a little white smoke not enough to even really notice acceleration to...
  2. 3 Litre ZD30 CRD Engine
    Hey lads, I've been researching this over the past month and am left scratching my head, as the various forums and mechanics I've spoken to have contradicted themselves one way or another. I have an '08 GU Manual clocking 200k. 10k ago I replaced the Exhaust Manifold, along with the gaskets...
  3. Buying a Nissan Patrol
    Hey folks, im new to patrols looking at buying a 2006 ST 3ltr with 186000 full sevice history tows a 16ft caravan once a year electric brakes and suspension lift not a great deal of offroading Great condition BUT.... I'm worried about the 3ltr zd30 talk, is this model ok??
  4. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    hey guys/girls, i am chasing a zd30 02 vaccuum tank/cannister, runs turbo actuator, mounts next to intercooler, mine has snapped fitting off, genuine part is in japan, and expensive, so if any one got a spare or knows where i can get one please let me know cheers boothey
  5. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    firstly thanks everyone for everything ive learnt on here! ok im driving on the highway doing about 100 the car feels happy with that speed and i have to keep moving my right foot slightly up or down to keep the boost from sitting around 15psi (no higher ever) it seems to run noisey and a...
  6. Auto Electrical
    Hi evryone. Where can I fit an engine temperature sender into a 3Ltr GU3 Y61? I am looking at fitting an after market Temp Gauge to monitor exact engine temperature instead of just hot warm cold as per the original in the dash. I want to keep the originals though. so dont want to get rid of the...
1-6 of 6 Results