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  1. Auto Electrical
    Hi I'm wondering does ones car brake controller connect to your trailer/caravan through the anderson plug or 7 pin, OR something else....?
  2. Nissan Patrol GQ/Y60 & Ford Maverick
    hi all I own a 1990 gq patrol ute and I have just being having problems with my brakes. only my front brakes have being doing all the braking. I have replaced the master cylinder, all my pads and shoes, and rear slave cylinders, and bleed he system, and I am still having the same problem but...
  3. General Patrol Discussion
    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a brake specialist in Perth's North? I've bought a patrol and so have to sell the Toyota HJ75, but need to get the brakes fixed first. I suspect it's a dodgy vacuum pump, but need someone to check it all out and tell me what needs doing...