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  1. Members Rides: Build Thread Forum
    Hi I'm from Perth WA, long time lurker few time poster. Have had a few patrols over the years starting with 2004 4.2TD Wagon, 2007 6.5TD Chev Diesel Wagon, 2006 6.6 Duramax Wagon, and now a 2006 4.2TD Wagon . I managed to pick this up during COVID for a good price from Mildura VIC. I had it...
  2. Members Rides: Build Thread Forum
    Build up of my gu Ute from when I first got it, started it a year or 2 ago, 2018 so will update till now 2020. Chassis swap, tray build, lift, turbo, 12mm pump, lots of grinding, cutting, engine rebuild. Cheers
  3. Members Rides: Build Thread Forum
    Monday i will be picking up my new (to me) gu 4.2td patrol and begin my extensive build to make a beast! im posting this thread because i always enjoy watching a good build so why not post my own ;) . All advice and suggestions are welcome, i'm sure ill have a f**k load of Questions! enjoy!
  4. General Patrol Discussion
    So the last 3 months of my time after work has been spent building up a pretty okay looking pipe bull bar to suit a Thomas 800lb PTO Winch which was converted from an electric winch, the bull bar sits closer to the car than my old ARB bar i think the rough measurement was 750 mm ish for ARB this...
  5. Nissan Patrol GQ/Y60 & Ford Maverick
    Hi all ive been looking at this fourm on and off for the last 2 months pondering if i should get a patrol as i have a suzuki vitara and im sick of it givving me troubles when i take it the same places my mates go which have patrols that have bigger tires. so that brings me to my questions...
1-5 of 5 Results