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    Alright, have had this car for 6 months now, bought sight unseen off Gumtree after I wrote my hilux off and needed a 4wd urgently. I have spent those 6 months lurking these forums without posting, gaining a wealth of information. Figured its a good time to share what I have. Its a 1992 Leaf...
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    G'day all. In September (18th) i will be travelling from Cairns to Uluru via a random array of tracks to avoid the blacktop. I have recently done Cape york tele track. I am on a trip around Oz inbetween me working FIFO. I have 9 days for this next part. If anyone is in the area and fancies...
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    Hi All, I'm on a road trip around Oz. I work 26/9 so do a lot if driving on my RnR. In June/July ill be heading from Cairns to the top via the Old telegraph track. If anyone has done this, is it possible to go up the OTL, then back down the PDR, in 9 days. I know its pushing it but its all i...
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    Hi can anybody on the forum recommend a good place to get my patrol serviced in Cairns. I want to make sure the old girl is A1 after the big drive over from WA and is as good as it can be before i head to the cape. Cheers