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cape york
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  1. Trips, Touring and Treks
    I have just been given an amazing present by my amazing girl. Cape York by C J Dawson: Travel | Blurb Books Travel With CJ Dawson | i'll travel; you follow…..
  2. Trips, Touring and Treks
    Hey Guys, Check out my trip from the Cape's OTL in June 2014. What an adventure Cape york – A Journey to the Top – June 2014 | travelwithcjdawson
  3. Trips, Touring and Treks
    Hey Patrollers, I'm heading up the Cape OTL in the next week but have out all camps south of the Jardine River (Elliot Falls) are closed due to flooding. Can anyone who is currently there give me some info on the tracks conditions Cheers Cj
  4. General Discussion Only, Not for Technical
    Hi Guys, I've got mu GU3 all kitted out, draw system in the rear etc. On a Lap of Australia, Cape York next week & was thinking for good cooking, anywhere, regardless of fire restrictions, getting the webber baby q. Any advice on practicality?
  5. Trips, Touring and Treks
    Hi All, I'm on a road trip around Oz. I work 26/9 so do a lot if driving on my RnR. In June/July ill be heading from Cairns to the top via the Old telegraph track. If anyone has done this, is it possible to go up the OTL, then back down the PDR, in 9 days. I know its pushing it but its all i...
  6. Trips, Touring and Treks
    WA to Cape york june/july 2011 Gday all im just putting my feelers out there to see if anyone in WA is heading to Cape york or is keen to in june/july 2011. I've had a couple of mates pull out on me but i figure if i dont go now its just not going to happen and this trip is a must. I have 6...
1-6 of 6 Results