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  1. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Hey guys, New to this forum and already enjoying it :) Basically I sold my last bush basher and i'm only young and i've scraped together 10k.. Just looking for advice or help on purchasing a Patrol. The one that's caught my eye is a 2001 zd30 Patrol with 265,000kms manual with near new...
  2. New Members, Please Introduce Yourself Here
    Hi, recently had our zd30 grenade and was in the market for a boost gauge. Was just wanting to see what the best option would be for a cheap, easy to install gauge would be.
  3. 3 Litre ZD30 DI Engine
    Was hoping it wouldn't happen, but my Series 3 manual just went bang... :mad: Beautiful girl, always cared for, driven easy and mostly on open road. NADS and all from 150k, serviced like a hooker, treated like a fair lady, 270K.... Nothing out of the ordinary, 100km/h, 5th cog, 15PSI, 350C...
  4. Engine & Drivetrain
    Hey guys I'm faced with the common hole in the piston issue... I'm looking into either building up a strong zd30 or going 4.2 conversion My patrol is a 2005 gu Iv AUTO.. Any advice would be appreciated as I'm still new to patrols being a cruiser kid growing up
  5. Members Rides, Build Thread Forum
    Here's my build thread with a few pics and a bit of info. She's nothing special on the outside (just tidy the way I like it) but special to me on the inside. Here's the old girl in all her glory, now 20 years old*, owned since new. Prettiest grenade in my area. I'm not after the most horsepower...
  6. 3 Litre ZD30 DI Engine
    Hi guys installed a boost gauge in my 04 GUIV after getting flat spots on acceleration on the highway to find it boosts up to 22psi (too high?) then quickly drops back down to 10psi while still under load...and is also having the oil light come on every now an then but goes away if turn car off...