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  1. DIY Modifications & Accessories
    Ok just purchased a new patrol Vehicle for my work as an oversize Pilot. tried to buy plastic headlight protectors but couldn't fins any. Already has one chip in each headlight, and being frequently the rear pilot behind loads, I know it would only be days before the next stone came up and...
  2. DIY Modifications & Accessories
    I wanted to add some exterior lights to my patrol so when I rock up to camp in the dark, I can switch them on and set up, with tripping over pegs, ropes and other gear. I consider the standard rear mounted telescopic light that fits to the rear door, however it was limited in where the light...
  3. Auto Electrical
    hey guys, I've been looking for absolutely ages but had no such luck finding anything. Struggling to find a good spot in the engine bay to mount a small panel which will hold a narva 10way fuse block, 12way earth bus and 7 - 8 relays. I want it all in the engine bay to avoid running heaps of...
  4. Auto Electrical
    Hi All, I am looking to put a pair of XXX Hid lights on my GU4 Patrol. A friend of mine said that the car might be pre-wired for spot lights. Is this likely? Cheers
  5. Nissan Patrol GQ/Y60 & Ford Maverick
    For a few years now, the rear brake/tail lights have been turning on by themselves with the key out and the vehicle switched off (a Nissan Patrol GQ SWB). Recently we looked into the problem and disconnected the pushrod censor from the brake pedal, however despite this the brake lights still go...
  6. Auto Electrical
    I have a 1998 GU wagon. I have had the lights (in the bull bar) unhooked for about 9 months and I am wanting to hook them up. My question is how do I do this? Where do I connect the wires to?
  7. Nissan Patrol GU/GR Y61
    Hello to everyone. I am new at this forum. I have a Nissan Patrol 2003 year, 3,0 Di Turbo. Here I want to show you my additional rear light. It turns on when I turn transmision into R position and if the parking lights is on. Here the photos of it. Sorry for my English - I am from Ukraine) If...
  8. Auto Electrical
    Just curious as to whether anyone has thought to run rooftop light wires up a snorkel. I know it's a common question that is asked and just thought I would throw in some input Cheers Caleb
  9. Vendor Display (Expiring Shortly)
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1-9 of 12 Results